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The series starring Jason Sudeikis about an American football coach coaching British football soccer has won a lot of awards. The show's about family, the show is about mentors and teachers, the show is about teammates. Now Ted Lasso and his fictional AFC Richmond team are included in the new FIFA 23 video game. He's someone you just can't help but. Root for. He's a great manager and an even better man. And if you tell him I said that I will brain you. All the fictional players in the show, including Roy Kent and Sam Alba Sonya are featured E a sport. I'm in the game. Oh, did I sound like a guy? Yeah, you sounded like the guy, Ted. FIFA 23, which includes real soccer clubs, is available next week. Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal will team up in doubles at the laver cup in London tomorrow, and what Federer announced will be his final match. I'm Ed Donahue. AP news. This is a 20 a.m. W CPT willow springs, and streaming worldwide. 8 20 dot com. We are Chicago's progressive chalk, where facts matter. Now, UW CT 8 20, Chicago traffic update. 80 94 westbound traffic is gridlocked from central avenue to near grant with a rack blocking two right land semi the ditch takes 40 minutes to go for the tall road at the base of Ford freeway east about 22 minutes and the gapers delay from before bird to grand, Porter county U.S. 20 remains closed at both directions right at the dunes between 49 at Tremont road, but collision. In that Eden's roadwork delays started Chewy, it's 22 minutes like cooked of all 19. Kennedy is much improved at 33 minutes so hair to doubt that what the express lanes are heavier than the logos. I'm about 34 bits down to O'Hare. The eyes and how it's approved as well, 38 minutes three 90 to downtown, up at its 28 traffic

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