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What do you call it? then. Any anything. You would see later like as the series goes all he said he gets bigger and bulkier like those middle years. And I mean like you said the more you do it. Wasn't hugh. Jackman from looks the best physical in the Wolverine. A. Because he basically did. That are days of future past. Yeah. He wants the best because he did the Wolverine then went straight into filming days a feature passed. So he had to keep doing the routine for so long. Just, just built upon with the already had. And he he got big for the well, he tried to put on muscle to for the role of. Real. Steel to look like a boxer. So he tried to. Did. In. Between a cup inbetween which film I can't remember which ones specifically he. Trained, to gain some weight train to get bigger and and have more muscle. So then he put on muscle and then he had to get shredded again to play Wolverine. So then you know after what fifteen years of training hard training he was he was jacked by the time he he did his scenes in days a future passed. He got he got huge from X. men one to X. Men two. But then you add another ten years on top of that thirteen years on top of that. He frigging, yeah, he he was. He was a specimen and when it came down to it through caught him a huge Jackman. Huge, Jackman. Could press thousand pounds. Does not. Surprise me. Even. For his for his small legs is because he's tall, you know he he was strong. Men are just. I don't know what to do to to accomplish those goals, but you know. It's hard with. And when you don't. Get. Paid to work out four hours a day and have a team around you to make it happen Kit. I mean. Are you gonNA taste, indication, but dedication center vice but I think can also be considered to collect for some things when you have to take care of your kids. Yeah you. Are just taking care of your family but speaking Jack Chris boom there's a picture right there. The next suit we have is the evil superman..

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