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Under the water incapacitated wakes up sort of that he comes to on the shore and he is being revived by the by teary end and whatever the you know the oath raqi forces are there and they convince him that two okay look we don't we could wipe out the whole lancaster army we don't have to you could join us have surf see ben the knee and then you guys can retreat to castro really rock and then dinares will sit on the iron thrown this is a great deal just go back the castrilli rock you insurgency could be together and then ultimately jamie brings this deal to sursee and she is not have it that sounds good to me i mean i i do think that data's in themes had heated to get lit rob they certainly unheated i mean jamie's going to be able to tell sirsi eyewitness this with my own eyes we have nothing i mean the look the scorpion kind of worked but unless we quickly build about twenty more of those things and then we're able to put them in very strategic places i suppose i could put them on the walls of king's landing and hope to hold kings landing but that is literally all they would have and at that point i don't know what what's the real seat of power i know it's theoretically kings landing but if the nearest has the rest of the kingdom sursee as the queen of king's landing only so i really don't know that there's much power in her just holding kings landing and nothing else end sir i could say jamie like what you're going to believe our our brother who killed are excited about that no i got some other information while i was gone.

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