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That's different is the coma. Trie waterbed get vhs tapes. During that. i mean that was well. That's the most so so yet from that. You can deduce that. My mom was running three separate video. Recorders symbol jesli ward. That is a may we. Did you guys have three. Tv's or how is this going on. Yeah they were attached to. Yeah there's like one in one in the living room. I think there's one in the in that bedroom and one that was in the kitchen. Like ole wyatt up white up to vhs for. I just badgering her like wearing a direct. She's looking like a director. She's a queuing people in different rooms and three one to switch. And we're gonna go to thank you. I can tell you. My grandma would have been very jealous of that. 'cause he was obsessed with the royal family. Oh yeah you probably only got it through a one measly channel. That's not sure i bet it was. I bet it was shown. Live on like a bunch of the news channels probably. Yeah because you do that with big news events in the us. The inauguration is always on every you could. We watch the inauguration on probably seven different news channels simultaneously for you had enough. If you had enough video or quotas you could have really. You could already filled up bookshelf winner. You i mean obviously only one of those is gonna be your favorite coverage. I guess like winter. You're watching the ones. I that's definite like comes from my mum's instinct of just we cannot lose like this has to be preserved to do animal planet. I was much animal planet. Footage of the inauguration. It's like the way they have the puppy. Both the diana funeral insane i when i was in london During kate in williams wedding. And so i got my grandma these tea biscuits from will. Oh harrods from harrods rate which you know like i got like this commemorative play fine and these tea biscuits input the biscuits. Were like beautiful. But i was like. Please eat them in. She was like i. Can't there too pretty. And so she just put them on a shell and then she passed away at the end of two thousand nineteen. When i was home in the summer i stopped by my grandma's house and my aunt gave them back to me and she's like well. You know you gave these to your grandma's you can have them and i'm like what them directly away. What is going on. Not why did you guys skits on the fucking shelf for years. Yeah granddaughter bob this milk in two thousand and meant a lot to me. It was the baby jessica milk. He was missing. This is commemorative milk. And then i thought well. Maybe i'll try one 'cause like their biscuits. How bad could they have gone bad. That's the thanks communist miscast as well our than cookies. I appreciate the translation. It's great that you said that like that's normal and everyone's going to go along with it you're like and then of course i tried one. Obviously like you would when you get biscuits back site or you're going to try one. Everybody gets that well. The thing is they were lake because they're so harrods this big department store that they're apparently the you correct me if i'm wrong map but from my understanding they're they're the only place that is allowed to do like official commemorative stuff for like the royals and i don't know about that but they they are like the sort of rich right but but also widdly. Now they have a way to connection to the royal family because harris was bought by mohamed. Al fayed whose son nonni. Princess diana's boyfriend partner the ended the call with him at the time of the death. Actually that makes me wonder if. I'm sure that there's a big enough like merch. Industry outside of a keeton. Which was it. I forgot william no who kate mary. She married william outside the william and kate wedding or outside of the princess. Di funeral there must have been like bootleggers like i with tons of bootleg grow family stuff. I've got congrats. Kate and billy and it's it's horrible there isn't there isn't really emf I i don't know if you can. I don't know if they have their faces copyrighted trademarked. But even if there's nothing to stop some selling plates with like charles charles and diana mug in my in my parents house and there's no way that that didn't that from the official buckingham palace store whatever. Is someone selling that mug. that's funny. They apparently had the street party. Which was i. I was a life. Oh but i don't remember it. My grandma had in cardboard cutout like a life-size cardboard cutout princess diana and it was on the landing of her steps. Like when you first come in the house and it was like to give it context. This is like my grandma had this beautiful entryway with a chandelier and shit in cardboard cutout of princess diana and then also in her living room was like next to a grand piano is a cardboard cutout of the pope. So it's like. I don't know if she has friends who were. Maybe losing their eyesight just to sort of trick them in one guy so well. I lucky you came around today because we have. We have some other guests ridiculous. Truly we are on today. Which was it I think the the home dude. That's there now. I don't i don't know they're all named Paul and john right. I mean i don't know who i think is is the first insys. Oh so then it must have been the last guy. i think it was polera. John is the last one still alive. The one that like quit. Yes yes it was. John paul died was john. Paul yeah john. And then it was Benedict who was like the really who is like those of emperor from style was looking guy. Yeah but then he quit rates. Yeah he's like. I'm sick pope. And so he stills yeah. I think he's still looking around. I'm pretty i would've. They would announced it if he died. You'd think that's a big thing. Maybe i don't know or do. They just launched their bodies into the atmosphere. Everything around the pope is so weird and spooky and they're such strange rituals on like i do. They still going on. I am i right in thinking the.

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