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He's always, he seems always happy. Seems what he's found religion or Fadeev. Some sort. Yeah, it's like lease not doing drugs. Nah, gives a fine now that guy really turned a corner, man. I mean, I think he was people were be obviously unfair to him like because like all. Yeah, he's a fuck up. He, you know, he's doing you racing Lamborghini down fucking the street in Miami, but it's like, yeah, he was also seventeen and had two hundred million dollars would have been killing people just for the thrill you've found. I think pretty big success young and but you've never fucked up. You don't fuck up. Yeah. Well, in that in that way, and the drugs drugs driving getting fucking nine children, you've, you've kind of been real then. Do you think you make a good dad. Yeah, I think so. I've been thinking about that lately because I never wanted will. No, I I wanted. I always in my in my family. I just thought, oh, you know, growing up. The thing you do is you just get married and you have kids. So I always was like off kids just put ever so I can't remember having the thought it was just something that I was just part of me. And then when I got older, I got married to a girl that I was at blew me away. When someone said that have been you Allston my guy runs. My podcast is one of your biggest fan. Fuck you'll world like he said to tax delays coming over and he's, he wrote back. I can't wait to meet my leader. That's right. That's right. Yeah. So you can feel free to ask them gonna have a section where you can ask him any question you want. Halston aren't kick. Okay, but but yeah, wait, I dude. When I, I might have been hosted..

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