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You are again and a personal injury accident at Bravo all of our that damn wind Richmond total traffic sunny today fifty four degrees upper forties for Wednesday Christmas day looking dry and seasonable I think we'll have a lot of clouds on Wednesday warming into the mid upper fifties with dry weather Thursday Friday Saturday in about sixty Sunday slight chance of showers late Sunday best range instead of the next week comes on Monday when showers are likely from NBC twelve I'm meteorologist inter Frieden on newsradio eleven forty W. R. V. A. in a ninety six point one FM from the news radio W. R. V. and weather center sunny and thirty one at Pocahontas state park newsradio W. R. V. A. time eight thirty two Vanessa Tyson running for Congress she's one of the women who is accused lieutenant governor chest into Fairbanks of rape more from W. R. V. A.'s Mant M. line anesthetized in the first of two women to accuse lieutenant governor Justin for a fax of sexual assault is running for an open seating California State Assembly in a Facebook post as she calls herself among other things an advocate for sexual violence prevention Tyson has requested hearings by the Virginia General Assembly indoor her allegations Fairfax's maintained his innocence and recently said he was planning to run for governor in twenty twenty one Matt damn line news radio W. RPM two brothers from Culpepper who reported missing over the weekend and it being to the three people killed in crash on I. sixty four in Goochland on Saturday a family members had reported that twenty seven year old one Lewis was missing and he was believed to be with his brother twenty eight year old Girona Lewis turns out the Lewis brothers were two or three people killed in an accident in goods on on Monday along with twenty three year old Michelle foster foster was not mentioned in the missing personalised a Ford focus that was driven by Jerome Lewis ran off the right side of the road and hit several trees beyond the guard rail the accident happened at the mannequin Sabit exit were just near its west of the intersection with two eighty two eighty eight and I sixty four the Boeing company looking to the future with the new C. E. O. the plane manufacture trying to restore its public image in the wake of two crashes and prompted the grounding of all seven thirty seven Max gets worldwide Boeing is been struggling to convince the FAA the plane is safe to fly and on Monday and fired CEO Dennis Marlon Byrd replace him with Boeing's chairman of the board Dave Calhoun ABC news senior transportation corresponded David curly tells us Calhoun is getting down to business already the CEO who was chairman of the board until yesterday doesn't really officially start for three weeks but he's already been on the phone with the FAA and the airline customers trying to reset relationships and those relationships have frayed since those two rash is a seven thirty seven Max's killing nearly three hundred and fifty in the inability to get that check back into the air may have been the last straw for Dennis mon Berg leading to his ouster Boeing just ordered the shut down of the production line and that was a serious concern for the board there already four hundred brand new jets sitting around the country they cannot be delivered to airline customers your next news and nine o'clock news on demand a news radio W. R. V. A. dot com I'm Jeff stable temperatures news weather and traffic station news radio W. R. V. A. eight thirty five on newsradio WRGB a coming up the nine o'clock hour we're going to be speaking with Janet Kelly for giving Tuesday she's the president of Virginia kids belong you might remember she is the former secretary of the Commonwealth under Bobby Donnell and she has.

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