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Didn't sign it right the critical thinkers design of fact i'm reading here it say fox news story of course there quoting a chemistry professor i do wanna miss this ladies name because the she'll probably become a target so i'm not going to mention her name of a choose a chemistry professor chemistry chemistry is is is there a more pure sciencethemed chemistry i mean i'm gonna go with no i just don't see how the it's like math it's just there are if you find people in chemistry that just these are the science purists anyway she is a chemistry professor as she told the student newspaper you know she did not signed this petition to stop free speech week or to tell her students not to come to class or to also announced that i'm not coming to campus because i just don't feel safe is a professor she told the student whose paper that she plans on holding her class as planned because quote i have a job to do oh wow fancy that work ethic uh i have a job to do i'm getting paid to teach chemistry i will show up and teach chemistry and i expect by students to be there as well so uh milo yannopoulos berkeley patriot they're trying to you to put this thing together featured speakers are benny shapiro they say that end the culture is going to be there and who's the other guy there's one more person steve bannon steve bannon seabed who the hated steve bannon steve bannon milos putting up a lot of the money to do this you scheduled to speak their three of the four days worth of events of course last time he water to speak was in february of ever at all hell broke loose campus was tore up and you see berkeley had to cancel the two hours before he's spoke because the demonstrators got their way they did what they wanted to do that kept him from speaking there is throwing smoke bombs and they're breaking windows and p bags have poop bags and all that kind of stuff so this is going down next week at berkeley we'll wait and see we will wait and see jerry brown's out they're calling.

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