Phil Mickelson, Brian Anderson, Charles Barkley discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


Don't know the agency. How about it, won't we? How about September? 12th? Then how will you go for that one? What's that one? That would be the opener against the Saints? Oh, all cheeses result. Rejoice. Yeah, I don't know what's safe. Erin. Everybody is on their toes. They want to know, man They want to know. Yeah, but I mean, I'm just having a good time out here with Tom. I'm trying to talk to him about it. He's gonna keep my Internet, you know. Hey, Erin, we go way back. You can just tell me I'll keep it a secret. Uh, Charles, I'll tell you this week in Tahoe. That's Brian Anderson, Larry Fitzgerald. And, of course, Charles Barkley. All prodding Iran. I guess we'll see what happens at the tile Celebrity golf tournament this weekend. Incidentally, Rogers and Bryce and Shambo beat Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady to win the match. Game six. The Stanley Cup finals tonight at six in Tampa. The Ning can hoist the cup if they can. Beat Montreal. They leave that seriously games, the one that sports and Crystalline Kelly in his radio on the Broncos. Boston Rockies. Ky. News radio time 6 46 right now in Colorado's morning news, despite being ahead of other states when it comes to vaccinations Colorado is leading in Covid 19 death RATES. Health officials point to the Delta variant as the reason for this as Colorado is one of 10 states where it is the dominant strain. Data reported by NBC suggests that the states covered death rate as of June. 1st is 5.31 per 1000 people. Health officials say most of the people being hospitalized for covid and the state are unvaccinated and that Delta variant, which is significantly more contagious, has also shown to make people more sick. Undocumented immigrants are now eligible to receive free birth control and other reproductive care products. Under a new state law that was just signed by Governor Jared Polis. Lawmakers say the state can now offer contraceptive care to just about any woman or any family in the state as immigrants without documentation are not eligible for federally funded Medicaid benefits. This law will also allow current Medicaid recipients to get a year's worth of birth control pills at one time. US Senator John Hickenlooper extremely impressed with the National cybersecurity Center. What's going on here? Now? I think he's just, uh,.

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