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Welcome to Christ is the cure with Nick Campbell. Here. We bring you theology apologetic and a resource for growth on the basis of scripture alone said back and enjoy today's episode. Abra? Welcome back. This show this episode seventy five and tell you is a Cuban age just kind of random discussion for the sake of preparing for the DD across parts to before we began last week. I had the privilege of talking to Julio from bridge radio from bridge ministries, which I'll put the link up in the description for this episode, which I just want to say that if there was ever a podcast, you should be listening to it is that one and I told him that the production the questions everything about it is top notch. They are from Laredo, Texas. They run a reform to bookshop it, can you believe that a Christian bookshop with all sound the all g within it. And it just what they have going seems amazing. And what they put out is awesome. They will be at the conference in March and Victoria, Texas. So if you're going to that conference you can have. The privilege of meeting them as well. And addition I had the privilege of talking to several individuals about a variety of topics in terms of reformed theology in my views. And so as we get into the discussion of secure Yala g which is the doctrine of salvation, you will see that. I am reformed in thought in that's kind of come out more and more and. And on Instagram and things like that. And I explained it to know some other individuals that the reason why I haven't blatantly spoken on this is because there's a lot of you know, connotations attached to it that shouldn't be there. And so I was hoping to share information from all sides and let the text speak for itself. I try to avoid the labels. And so that just kind of goes into that. But regardless we have some questions here before we do I had the privilege of reading some new books. Of course is that time of year. We get books, right? Read the heresy of orthodoxy by Michael Kruger, which I think a lot of us need to read because of the myths propagated by critical scholarship in terms of the Christian church, and how orthodoxy came to be because there's a lot of miss around it. It's very logical. Very simple. Simple argumentation, presented it in very good fashion. And it talks about canon, which it's going to be brought up today. I also have cantering visited by Krueger haven't quite gone into that one yet. I also had the privilege of reading the potus freedom by James white. I have I was surprised or some you are surprised to hear that. I had just now read it. And you know, I mentioned that one hand I'm glad I just now read it because I got to come to understand, my theology. You know, without that kind of extra influence, I I came to the theology holds through reading scripture, and then it wasn't until later that I learned all the theological. Labels, or the names or the historical data. So with that, it was kind of bitter sweet thing, and it, and it was a privilege to read it and say, hey, that's how I see that passage to. It's clear to me. And it's it's evident as well. Whenever you properly Geeta passage, and so that was pretty cool for me. So the bodice freedom is highly recommended to kind of disbar, some myths and miss information about reform theology. And I really enjoyed it. It was really good. So with having said, I got some questions the first one it wasn't the first one. But the most common question that always always pops up is what bible translation, do I use? I primarily use the ESP. But I also parallel with NET and the CSV I am actually doing something. I am actually reading through the New Testament this year in LT. A buddy of mine, Josh on Instagram. You can look them up at sword and pencil, and he he resigned LT. If I'm not mistaken, he said that he likes it because you can read through it's more readable and stuff like that. So you know, what it's good to pick up a new translation every now. And then to get that fresh is especially whenever your physical bible is marked up. It's kind of easy to see the same things all the time. So I was like, okay. I'll read the New Testament this time through then LT. So I'm reading in LT right now. I'll kind of get back to my thoughts on that. At a later time from what I understand it is a solid translation right now as I am learning Greek still I read through the Nestle Aland twenty and I have a UBS five reader's edition, which is. How you recommend if you're into that? So that's what translation I primarily use it as vis- my go-to, really. But the NET is solid and the notes it's completely free online and all the notes for our absolutely awesome. Because of the fact that they get into the Greek they get into the textual issues of that. So highly recommend that as well. I received a question about whether or not I have always been a Christian the answer is. No. And I actually have an episode about my testimony from atheism to Christianity. I it seems kind of weird is passed people off to that episode. But I did record the episode for that purpose, and it's kinda hard to articulate something in a short amount of time. So episodes sixty four is my testimony. So you can

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