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Is the multiple daily life. Judy, one at Midori house in London. Now, new row is invalid Austria's new government over claims that it's trying to limit journalists from critical publications and getting information from the police, the interior ministry, which is controlled by the far-right Freedom Party in Australia's coalition. Government has written to regional police forces telling them to limit their communications with journalists to the legal minimum requirement on singly at newspapers, such as standard and courier, which have reported extensively in how the Freedom Party's been directing the ministry, which of Sebastian courts has insisted that his government is not attempting to limit press freedom. Tessa Shishkov, which is the UK correspondent for profile magazine, and she joins me now in the studio welcome Tessa am. First of all, could you tell us a little bit of the type of stories that these newspapers have been running about the goings on at the interior ministry, plight of this Email. So it was not a law was not a directive, but it was an Email with recommendations that went out to this police stations and pilot of the Email was directly referring to cases of violent incidents. If they are committed by foreigners, it should be pointed out that they were committed by furnace. While usually you don't have names and and sort of ethnic background mentioned before in the investigation has taken place in people have been proven guilty. So there's a certain tendency in this whole Email which is quite worrying for not only for the media for the population at large, very much fits the Bill of what the Freedom Party is is known for, and it's a base stoking tension show. We say, between the old Austrian community and engine, you're Australians if you want to put them into those categories. But can you give me a little bit of the background to this story. Actually, what these newspapers, what kind of intrigue they were reporting on the stories that have gotten the interior ministry and the Freedom Party in particular upset. They will big scandal of this year. Was it in February two thousand eighteen the new, the new leadership. If you want the new minister head his own ministry invaded by police forces in order to as they claim to uproot some corrupt network of officials and to get a hold of some information. And this is a real scandal, which is now in an inquiry in parliament being invested to see what what went wrong there and, and what what information do really wanted to get hold on end. So this the entire interior ministry to the home secretary habit kicking who's. In. Politician does not come from an any part of the liberal of wing in the in. The Freedom Party is sort of. He was the chief ideologue of the Freedom Party for a long time and his Sinophobic PR policies have been well known. So this fits a little bit into this entire spectrum of this government. What about how Sebastian courts has responded? Obviously, he is not off the Freedom Party, but he is sharing government with the for imparting we actually saw shift this week and last week for the first time. Now, Sebastian Kurz chose not to stay silent in conflict that the that is collision party produced. And that's quite interesting because it seems that now after year he becomes also more. Self confident, and he sees also more the need to distance himself when it comes to. Outrageous actions of his coalition. And yes, he's saying that this is not an effort to control the press. I mean, z. trying to draw the sanction between the fact that this is just an Email from an advisor in the interior ministry, or is he trying to suggest that actually, the intentions of this Email were different to how it's is being reporters? Well, I think that he and his political views a not of the sort the, he would push an illiberal agenda towards the media. And even the home secretary habit kicked, they in parliament is after noon that he knew nothing of this Email. And if we all think that he should know every Email at one of his six thousand officials would right. But of course kick, they've created in an atmosphere in the ministry by bringing in as chief of communication, deep, broaden a man who was working at at a website. It was. More or less the Austrian Breitbart. So this is not an official that has been working in normal PR policies. I mean this, this, this, this. Officials new leaders of this ministry com from an unusual part of the Australian society..

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