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But the business strategy or like the way forward also isn't in just the answer because that has to be put into context for people and broken down for people to understand how what they're actually supposed to do and then the <hes> the customer typically is a part of like look got it from a customer Lynn especially for doing marketing or sellers. Let's look at what customers or saying that they would like to have <hes> you know so a lot of what we do and what we coach <hes> learning development professional to do as like take yourself out of it and let's listen to those three things and then let's figure out what you'd be created and how to create <hes> versus you know I haven't answer for your solution but I think that what the challenging part it's getting the the business and the different people that you're serving said be able to really articulate what it is that they <hes> are struggling with a lot of times. We talk in very generic terms like well. We just need to communicate better her. You know what does that mean. Why do you need to communicate in her? You communicating to what does communication look like today. What is bad look like you know and really getting into an understanding the nuances of how something works means that then as a learning professional you can then by what you know about how people learn and how they take things then and actually start to create something that marries all these things together to make the impact that the people are looking for that they need you mentioned we've heard specific example yeah go ahead? You're talking about talking about the customer focus and he talked about in the book that there can be the customer facing <hes> <hes> employees are team members and then you have people that aren't necessarily with the customers in a lot of times they're kinda gravitational polls in different direction and the you mentioned this term or phrase divide fight customers that are divinely discontent and as a originally and I think we could it have yeah yeah and it's kind of the their their discontent and Dan creates tension within the customer facing team members in the non customer facing team members and alleys. You're trying to the train for people the better serve the customer is at the end of the day ultimately how you reconcile that so I thought that was completely a brilliant way to describe something that can feel like a lot of friction for people <hes> this very positive Divi divine divinely discontent you know wanting sample that we have been working on recently as I started to be included on these calls with one of our clients that was working with their sellers that were <hes> strategic colors that are doing very very very large high-dollar deals in the product marketing team and the product marketing team saying okay the business. Has these big bets share that we need to go after you're a strategic sellers. We need to create some stuff to the can go sell stuff for their customers right and I I was on maybe four or five calls with them. Internally where the product marketing eighteen kept saying we'll do you WANNA create and such and such or a session such and it was and the bill guy was like there's not what I need your not hearing me. I would like to create something together. <hes> that's going to help me. I don't need a I don't need one of those things that you want to create for me and they're using a lot of their own peddling go and product marketing of of assets that they're used to make and and the leader the leader Product Marsin kept saying why need to go tell people what you go create he wants you know which one of these things thank you want and he kept saying that is not helpful for me who had released that on a call. He said he's called her not helpful for me. This is how the calls are going to keep going. I don't need to show up is you're not helping me and it replaced. They've just kept like talking like right past each other and <hes> and both of them are trying to help their customer ray until I really call him out and I was like yeah I'd love to know what it is that you think is going to work with the customer and he said I will give you an hour tomorrow to tell you back and I was like great and and it just pick that a little bit of curiosity a little bit of like just taking time out saying I will listen to you explain that to me and then we can figure out what to do next <hes> and we and that just three months so like scheduling those calls being on the calls and whatnot and within the fan of <hes> a month she and I and his team in my team turned around what it is. He feels like he needed pris- next customer customer call <hes> which are lead those you know hundreds of millions of dollars potentially and it was shocking to me that that wasn't being heard on the call. So how are we stop and say am. I trying to make it easy for myself of what I what I know about or am I actually listening to the people in the support and create the thing that's going to be valuable for them to be able to go. Do Their job you you. You took a guy who didn't WANNA participate but once once he felt it what is needs were were being listened to then he's then he's participant and yeah and that's a common but it's a con. It's it's a often overlooked assumption right because I mean so much of its just compliance. You need this training to be complied. I know what you need this way. We've always done it yeah yeah but lots changed the amount of time that I've heard from people that have not ever before. We'll the sellers with just due to click. Wow Yeah have you ever sold before. Well you know and that's like it and I asked that question. Let Him County jury like I've never been a market like me personally. I've never been there before so I would like to understand what that is in like. Tell me about it but let's be curious about what the other person knows because we're also adults that do have education that you have experience that dummy things before and it's like hey if you can help me understand that then I can help you better or your people better and support you with the kind of training that you need or the acid that you need to be able able to be more productive in your role and that's what I'm here to do. You know so it's really we look at this is basically I like it consulting service in the business so if Ellen de was a consulting service with business. What would that look like yeah how we service business made it in some way I mean trainings really the the process of teaching people in your group health health the what they need to do for the for the group to be successful in the Fagor the fact that we have specialization of it now kind of divorce from the essential aspect if we were group of fifty people hunting or we're going to teach them what's most important didn't now you know what's what's working now? Teach Him Hey. This is to twenty five years ago but everything's changed but we're going to listen to it versus. You're GonNa there's that kind of <hes>. There's only so much time in resources to train somebody and in a group if you took group it's almost like the group abdicates the the training just another group but if the group took the responsibility like really up to train your own people and you hear some of the tools you have to get your ad it's it's almost like putting it back back on the group instead of another group and then getting mad at that group because they can't train your group right yeah so we learn about me can't do it without working with the business otherwise you're going to create a bunch of stuff that you don't know it's used for not right but when you create it together and you listen to the other side then they want to be a part of trading the stuff that it is that you're creating to be helpful and then you start Agha's partnership and the gang <hes> and the relationship where they you start to be trusted more and more as a learning development person and they start participating right because we hear a lot will they won't listen to me or they won't participate. They won't give me their time and typically like we have to listen I and then they'll give us their time and and if that back and forth that you need to figure out how to to do imbalance with your business <hes> and create some mutual respect for one another about what you're trying to do and then create the stuff that's going to help people be successful there and I think that's also this differentiation of of the roles who I think a lot sometimes the companies we want something that's kind of one to everybody and you end up with senior people that come in have a lot of experience in your teaching them this one. Oh One and that's like a waste of time so so. How do we stop doing that and then just they? Hey you know what and you come in with all this experience. Which is why we hired you because you're able to go do extra my right away that what we're gonNA teach? You is. Just how things done here so here's our you know here's the process that we here. Here's how you create acid abuser. Whatever here's how you manage <hes> an escalation 'cause you're a new manager? This is how we do it here but we're not gonNA teach you how to do the Galatian because you know how to that already not while you're here and and that's the the difference in the level is that you wasted a lot of time since they training somebody that doesn't need the educational part of the young people. It's okay not to waste that time. Really I like how many of us took want our people up and productive quickly as possible right so we don't have to educate you on all this stuff and we can just focus on these things and ongoing development. You're often renting really quickly so it's it's kind of like differences training in terms of it in like they're in aviation. They feed worked on airplane. One airplane in there's a newer model. You just learned the different the wouldn't they earn about. I pay that's where Boeing got into trouble. I think they didn't tell everybody about this little ear in Seattle so we'll talk about it..

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