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Kyi chief meteorologist j cargo quiet out there for the rest of the overnight with some passing clouds, a low of thirty six we climbed to forty six on Friday afternoon, but have the umbrellas ready to go with periods of light rain developing. This is a quick moving system though. So that by Saturday and Sunday, we dry it out some sunshine returns, along with warmer weather. That's your w k y forecast, I'm chief meteorologist j Cardo. See this is a Bloomberg market minute. Data from Washington could help set the tone for the Friday session on Wall Street. Stocks took a pounding yesterday after apple trimmed at sales outlook. The Dow Jones industrials fell six hundred sixty points or two point eight percent. The Labor Department's December employment report is on the way this morning and economists surveyed by Bloomberg think we'll hear that about one hundred eighty thousand jobs were created last month. Forecasters expect the unemployment rate to hold three point seven percent. ADP reported yesterday that private firms added two hundred seventy one thousand workers to their payrolls. In december. Sean crews of TD Ameritrade tells Bloomberg radio the economic indicators are important. He's also keeping tabs on the trade war markets. Got a little bit of encouragement with the tweet over the weekend. Also news that there is going to be a delegation heading out to Beijing to try and keep negotiations going through says trade uncertainty may be starting to hit the Chinese economy. Jeff Bellinger, Bloomberg radio. Message and data rates may apply. Earning your degree from one of the top business schools in the country might sound impossible to fit into your workload..

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