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And the other reason why I never cooked for her is cooking for someone while you're dating too early sets the bar too high to suit you mean man David Chang I know I know I know I said that is true. Now Cook all the time you have plane like your card right off marrow or no? No. That's why you gotTa hold out as card because I don't have many cards to play like my only fucking car. But truthfully now, now that I'm home and I'm not working like I used to I cooked so much in my life has changed and I've grown up a lot and I think being a dad and reprioritizing my life has caused me to reevaluate who I am and why I do what I do. There's a time and place to be young dumb and obnoxious it's the same. Equivalent of being like two old of dude dating like two young of a person right? It'll just looks weird I. Think I've always wanted to be somebody that grew up in a reasonable way and I think for too long I was just stuck being this super angry obnoxious asshole and I think for the most part I. Still those things but I'm trying I'm trying to grow up. Forever Great Examiners of how people perceived us all the time I. Think it's pretty accurate. I think people got me pretty good when I was younger I mean I was pretty monotone as a person just an angry motherfucker. So yeah, like people say you're an Asshole, they were pretty accurate. All right David we're getting back to what is your favorite ice cream flavor shit. That's the hardest question because it used to be cookie dough. Now it's gooey butter cake sometimes strawberry. Like salted Caramel right now I love thought you put buying that because I could tell you the brands and I like to tell myself I'm not an ice cream person but I think I tell myself that because I don't want to hate myself even more than I do because I always eat it. I'm like fuck I way too much ice cream. And you put the carton away. It feels like the simple optimism of have incense in icy and sweet and cranium mouth. It's like this is the time for that feeling. What's your flavor I was just thinking like peach you know what's an underrated flavor pralines and cream? Under all right, you know it's overrated rocky road I. Don't know you like rocky road I think it could be reinvented maybe the older like established brands. It's so predictable because when I was a kid that was like kind of a novel flavor remember Okay Rum Raisin Rome reasons highly underrated it can't be a fancy rum raisin. Like briars or lower quality from raisin taste good for whatever reason when it's not like a super premium brand raisins I of passion of mine. Are you also prune person no nor my cranberry person. Thank goodness. Are you oatmeal raisin cookie kind of person Oh? Yeah. I put raisins in everything. Analog toll. Tell me you dance on a long I don't because they take too long to make. All right. All right. No I really love to Cook David I'm not great but I really love it and I have odd amount of kitchen equipment because it's all our family seems to give each other for any major holiday or birthday just more cooking equipment well, I gotTa send you are Salts and spices had love that what are your thoughts on just plain old vanilla I'm down with that okay..

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