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I think our show doesn't run up against anyone or anything that causes sparks more than we run up against football. I got in trouble that I didn't care about one time because Jon Gruden and Sean McDonough got all upset that I or their staff that I said, I didn't wanna watch Monday night football that night. And if that's the barrier on sensitivity, we really should start criticizing anyone as network, but we bump up against the NFL a lot and one of the reasons is and this was a funny meeting. Mike had a year ago about Baghdad Bruschi where had to go up there. And explain what we meant by Baghdad Bruschi because we were channeling the IRA. Iraqi. Press secretary who was laughably Aligarh in public. And we were just laughing about the idea that any time there's anything patriots related Bruschi PR machine superhero like springs into action and ends up on the set of first take sportscenter inevitably defending the patriots. That's how that one works. And with very few examples to the contrary if anyone can send me a sentence that Tedy Bruschi has ever said that can be deemed pejorative about the patriots. Please do. So because I every he comes on. And we turn on the sound Tedy Bruschi is defending the patriots and the patriots way because he believes in that. What do you think he's going to do in the pitchers suck one day? And evidently, I'll probably stop talking about them on air. Go do something else with his life. When we don't obsess with the patriots that they will never come. That's right. I don't know what you're talking about. We we established yesterday that Tom Brady's grave will never go unattended because he's never get in like he's just going to keep playing. He is going to be. He is going to put the one loss on father times. Resume will open the no, that's right. So I want to play some sound here. I'm not familiar with what the sound is. But a lot of people have been taken swings at Stephen a Smith lately, especially when he looked vulnerable after what happened with the Cowboys against the saints. But Tedy Bruschi evidently has taken a shot at max. Now, I've not heard this. I've just been told about it. But I was surprised because that's not Tedy Bruschi game. He doesn't take shots at people. Right. Tedy Bruschi said what Mike can you give me some context here on what was happening that made Tedy Bruschi say this. Well, this is. From I take and he took a what I believe to be personal shut and professional shot at one max in who is not the target that we've seen lately either jump on will or you jump on Cevennes. That's lost confidence. Meanwhile, max, he he's just floating on by no ones bothered by max, except Baghdad Bruschi you can tell that some of the guys listen to max, and they watch I take, and they know what's being said about you know, max and his in his in his cliff comments. And I don't wanna tell max to stick the boxing or anything like that. Because I mean, you got a job to do maximum. I understand you gotta you gotta talk about. What you see? I think struggling at your job a little bit. I'm not struggling my appeal talking about we Got got. losing streaks before Katrina. Struggle. Okay. If you're gonna losing streak, it's okay. Just admit sometimes when you're when you're in the middle of a losing streak is okay too. That's all I'm saying, I'm saying. Team gets a buy week unjustly. And now all of a sudden we have to deal with all of this..

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