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DOT TV and we're back so let's dive back into this card and let's start making some picks. Let's start off with the match that started all the announcements are starting all the hype with Scott Steiner versus Suenaga as much as I would. I think it'd be cool or funny deceased Waga with it's it's gotta be Steiner under this has to be senator all fucking day however you WanNa say on a preface all of my face with this all right bowl but that's not set in stone because what I'm GonNa do is true for everyone. I heard I heard I heard David. Dixon spans come in for everyone the he does in hopes that we become best friends so 'cause we got a lot of Hulk Hogan questions so I want to be best friends with dicks. Okay listen. I got a plan all right just a disgust <unk> stuff like this with me before. I think I'm discussing it with you now yeah. If you whisper he can still hear you. You know you don't know that I do. There's no science behind it. <HES> IF I have to pick you might not set in stone cheering for victories for I'm GonNa go Scott cider yeah. They were saying that Suenaga was saying he wanted to do something big for any weekend. He didn't get that like many bookings last year's he wanted to so he wanted to do something this year. I think it says Scott Steiner is GONNA kill 'em in Stein's gonNA murder Swab on Swat Swat goes GONNA get murdered. That's that's what the big thing is. GonNa do is GonNa get murdered so you got get Steiner winning this Z.. com fantastic you think man for sure because I mean they've already. They've already <hes> they referenced that. He said he had trouble working with little people so because of their their bottom heavy so I'm sure that's gotta becoming how about Eddie Kingston versus Otani. I honestly don't know much about Otani. I'M GONNA go with Eddie Kingston. How about you ED? You know more than than two of us. He is in the last year Otani Junior. Heavyweight delay had heavyweight run too but most have right right in new Japan left desire one most importantly though he used to have red hair and come up with Samurai swords. I don't know if he comes out Samurai swords or not anymore. I guess we'll see I'm very excited about that. Yea in in the graphic he's like miming. A Samurai sword a kind of bums me out that he doesn't have a sword as a P. Awesome if he did come out with fucking swords that'd be and he does if he does pretend swords. Is that cooler. What do you think cool man be pretty fucking tight yeah? I'm down with that so what's your picks and he is Eddie Kingston. I got otani. I think Kingston puts a tiny over. I hope we don't see Eddie. Go Out <hes> you know he's threatened a threatened to leave wrestling at the end of the year but I gotTa Otani we have the Mexican death match rematch Sh- La Familia de Tijuana versus the young studs youngsters one the first round right. I don't know I'm pretty sure they lost after Eric Ryan gap power him through a plate glass window okay Bar Boyer born. That got all fucked up. I think they lost okay that I'm going to be at this time around. He I agree. I think we see Bobby Beverly Eric Ryan get that the rematch here the the revenge mania moment here for sure this one's GonNa be wild is all fucked to <hes> Magana situation where <hes> where we're not in the home building where no one's Kinda worried about like Oh. Hey you know you're not going to be invited back at Shit so yeah I think Eric Ryan asked for something like he wanted like four hundred forks fuck yeah. So how about you add some real talk a you know. You know who's GonNa win this right along. Nobody remember that last match. They don't WanNa do anything like aircraft. Bobby Beverly did everything in that match yeah I got. I could soon but they didn't do shit like I could see where you're going audette but I I see air grind in bobby getting the win here personally. I don't know what's the odds are. What are the odds that their store jobber throws a chair and gets kicked up venue again? No we're past not GonNa let the happen APPA listen. I'm way better watch now. <hes> there was chairs if this last show and I convinced a different person math restore this time totally different person to not throw a chair awesome because now I'll tell you guys off the Air Oh yeah it was almost the same exact situation and I said no no no don't do that. Don't that grabbed it and put it back down and this person thought better of it looked around and all yeah right. I'm telling you it was not it was not Bryant to I'll tell you off the air. The only reason I'm not saying this person's name is because not not saying but CAITLYN's go there were definitely GonNa throw the chair and I was like no don't do not do that. Don't do that now with somebody who should know better but didn't really know better her but yet not saying it getting in that moment you know yes. She Gets Wild Man Shik. It's wild. I does but yeah he he's even page M J F versus Colt Cabana and Space Monkey. I'M GONNA go Ethan Page J. F.. How about you ed at a I gotta go Ethan Page J._F._k.? Because I always pick Ethan page and found out today that M J F is also also also really loved the Rosie O'Donnell show just like I did when I was a kid in like I don't relate to that and now now I like him. He is better than us. We do know that he's friends with Rosie. O'Donnell come on yeah yeah. I'm more surprised that that clip is making another round because another round pat. Thank you thank you thank you. We've seen this clip before. No one wants to believe me. What was it spring break last year spring break to when they played this <hes> I don't remember then I've seen his dad share like his other dad who the guy who he believes to be his dad is a shared on facebook so I I've seen it then yeah? I knew I've seen this about a year ago for sure. Ah Yes I knew I it's it was a moment that I was. I feel vindicated right now. It's awesome <hes> but yeah <hes> I think you can page. <hes> an jeff is a powerful hold. Tag Team is so so like is Ethan pages with Dr. Dan is like M J F under the tutelage of D._C.. Are Now to like I feel like he's better than Dan Right. He's not taking in. isn't that taking advice from dr dickhead right no i think he's just by association just like j. f. has been with duke money before but he's not part of duke money okay all right that makes sense how 'bout submitted surrender dominant i'm agreeing versus joshua bishop i'm gonna go dominic greenie how about you that <hes> yeah i got i got dom winning this one but i really think that <hes> josh brings things to tuam in kind of finally maybe maybe earns dimes respect here at the end of a he kinda has a big brother puts him down moment but he also kinda finally little brother ends a little respect maybe a and they go back to how they were in it's not so much you know i think tom's tom's lesson <hes> it landed in josh is gonna kinda proven gets earn some respect time here but i i gotta i'm taking the i'm going to i want to go josh bishop i like i like the ways been carrying himself lately he's got some real nine thousand nine hundred ninety eight kevin kevin nash vibes to them <hes> so that's awesome so how can you bet against somebody with of a one thousand nine hundred eighty eight kevin grenache i mean i agree i think bishops great but dom has been fucking pissed lately there is a fucking flare behind is there's a reason we haven't had him on so i could talk to him about shrek matches and it's because he's a no move talk about shrek matches dude he will beat the shit out of you for saying that ariana <unk> won't beat up over <hes> my idea for shrek match you know i wanna get mike in the millennial on here so i could ask him to pay a five question about wings just so he can be the one person to give their reasoning why bonuses better unless isn't even a wing hey he says it's better so scared of bones i dunno no no you got them on your show when you ask them feeling boneless wings are like diet wings right did we have them we i think we redacted that does that is that episodes still off i don't think we did that i can well you know what you're talking about asking about chicken nuggets man i know you guys deleted that episode that's fucking hilarious no no i don't think we did i'm just saying once they're up there up all right speaking of pod van damme two guys that have done the intro for pod van damme we have manse warner versus nick fucking gauge page this is like another main event contender for regular air w shown god so wish i would see in this live but if i'm picking between the two i'm gonna go man's warner have a you had would you say that those are the two most popular taylor van damme openings no i just said that they were they were two of them would you say they are because i think those would be the two most obvious ones right i think so i mean how many other ones are there the steve the guy and ask 'em jeme j. f. all manser tells a girl not to drink and drive he's doing try as duties solid guy man winters just a good guy you know he really <unk> avenging me we right now thankfully go unanswered also other thing goes me answer <hes> i really don't know what to do guys i think i think nick gage is going to be office office game mentally you know because in the same area of of of the world is going to be david arquette his kryptonite the only man brave enough to shoot on that gauge and i think that's that might be messily might be office game always constantly look out for david arquette are you making taking puppet david arquette i know i have too much respect for david arquette and he's a shooter i wouldn't want to make a mad and shoot on me about puppet vance warner will know this up at matt's warner would be awesome yeah that's what i'm thinking it's so many puppets puppets though get blues making these puppets time to make all these puppets you never you never made will that's licensed material israel we don't talk about m._p. p._g. <hes> but yeah guys back to this though for real what am i gonna do man who how do i decide who to root for here like can this be a situation where i just root for both them because i like i honestly don't even think it really can't be because like gauge wouldn't tolerate that right like if he sees me rooting for manse he's i'll probably get kicked out of the gang the silly thing protecting us at this point i you know what i mean like he told me that we're gang affiliated so like you don't just root against your gangly i mean that's pretty fucked up i don't know i don't know man no manses my guy i i honestly don't even know if i could make pick here i might literally donald man dan how enough i could do it being indicate affiliated is one of the only things protected pardon dame right now you know what i mean and you just picked against him you son of a bitch that's not doing very good doesn't know me he listens to this show you know my face that's true so he does know my face though exactly i've had multiple encounters with mr gage he knows exactly who i am so man i don't i can't i can't choose guys can't do it can't do it you got to pick i pick the winner to be the audience because it's gonna be an incredible match so you can i do that you're picking a time limit draw he asked okay with your bit in the audience wins because it's just a hell of a match that is my answer hong kong hell yeah that's that is some fence riding right there impressed like it did a pretty good pretty good sir i got nervous i thought he's really gonna make me pick one that's good are you full that off i was going to make you pick one but then i was like you're not gonna pick one then technically you're picking tie you gotta you gotta get <hes> gauges scary right and he likes you we gotta get 'em on on twitter like the the corporation itself fixed this whole no one can search for us thing what happened can't search for hobby dame on twitter because for problematic content oh no what you said to that guy one hundred percent that's what it is yeah add can we should we just make another pod van damme account like l. vindamme like alberto riego is l. we could be alpi van damme oh no refined where we are sitting on the new pod van damme facebook page no my grandma's set that up justin was the guy behind the other one i don't think it's been updated in a year or two we know he had one i've told you you had one forget.

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