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And theatrical stagecraft ne. Nothing like this has been done before. And if this works out Toby, can you imagine they did it one time with two pox, you Cour Coachella. But that was like a one time quick little weirded people out because you're bringing this person back and creating their art. And it's you know, it's a real like like that is and this is here's the thing. That's crazy too. With the way technology is yes, we could have a chillier mar we could have a Toby nap. Even though you don't have Toby Knapp for years because people record things, but I'm saying like if this worked out, and this was huge you could potentially have Michael Jackson concert holiday, discuss prince prince, hologram Elvis, who knows anybody who ever digitally recreated. Now, it's almost Princess Leia. She's going to be in the new Star Wars movie and Carrie Fisher passed away. So this is an entire new thing that we as a culture we're going to have to wrap our heads around. It's just make sure the ticket prices aren't as high because they're dead. I mean, they're not real Graham version. Should be a little bit less misogony on that.

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