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And say Jill 50 Some restrictions apply seaside for details It's ten 48 Am I supposed to rob in our traffic center If you're traveling in Maryland north dawn on the bottom of Washington Parkway near two O two and land over road the left lane block with a one broken down vehicle there so use caution traveling in the area north down on the BW Parkway past one 93 crash reported to be near powder mill road uncertain as to which lane is blocked there The traveling at this point on university boulevard eastbound near piney branch road that crash is completely wrapped up in granny travel angel travel lanes open on the beltway as you roll in Montgomery in prince George's counties no problems on I 95 to 70 remains clear leaving Frederick headed through Rockville the traveling in Virginia the beltway still looking pretty good between Alexandria and mcclain no problems being reported on 66 in either direction between Gainesville and roslin south dot I 95 are on the brakes leaving Norton headed down toward one 23 once you pass the Prince William Parkway you enjoy a better ride continuing sound toward Fredericksburg north Dan I 95 after lorton the vehicle fire before the fairfax county Parkway cleared you travel lanes are open but of course delays remain northbound as you head toward the Springfield interchange No problems on I three 95 up to and across the 14th street bridge You guys are looking pretty good No problems in the district or in the southeast Southwest freeway still south down on D.C. two 95 after bro's ABNY we had one broken down in the left lane hopefully We'll have that wrapped up and going pretty soon This holiday season give everyone on your list Marilyn lottery holiday scratch offs with instant prizes up to $100,000 in a weekly second chance cast drawings Play please place safely and responsibly I'm rob stallworth wtp traffic And your strong team fours chuck bell hey chuck Hey good morning Wow what a beautiful day It's turning into even the clouds that have been sort of lingering along the northern neck of Virginia They're starting to fade on away We're left with sunshine in the Washington region for now There'll be a little increase of some high.

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