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WGN radio James you know For my all time favorite records forever And that is probably the first song that really displayed Wanda young's goods You know before that she'd been in the group but Gladys Horton was until that time the undisputable lead singer and forever was on that album It was a flip side of record that they had released on tamala and I'm trying to think of the a side again Locking up my heart And later it became the other way around obviously they're locking up my heart got to 25 Unarmed B charts in 44 on the pop charts but forever got to 24 on the R&B charts of 78 on the pop chart It was not a big hit but anybody who heard it heard what this woman could do and it was so different not only from the shrillness she had on other records but so different than who ever would have tackled that song because what it is about that is the understated notion the way she's delivering those lyrics She's not only convincing but it's something that Motown did on their productions that's just been killed on the CDs And I mentioned that before they gave him when sometimes they really put the vocals out in front But here it's almost plaintiff And it was just a terrific terrific song and of course made her ultimately the lead singer of the marvel edge but this was this was the one she was 16 years old when she recorded that And yeah just amazing And now sadly why do young no more with us All right four days ago actually All right so we got Fran in Austin welcome back to WGN radio Hey Riley how you doing tonight All right how are you doing I've been better but Anyway yeah it's just the usual stuff But a little heightened because of this jolly season Well that's exactly it And again for people who think that you know I'm the Grinch and I hate the holidays That's not the purpose of this at all The Raleigh James I hate the holidays club There's nothing more than safe haven for people who it's not Ho Ho Ho this year It best to toho hum and the amount of bombardment you get from people Cheer up It's the holidays and all that It's just no this is a place where I absolutely respect your mood and it might not be happy You thank you I really appreciate that I've been a member of the I hate the holidays club now for years So yeah It's just you know this year it's a little worse But a lot of bigger and better things I'm sorry I said of course it is tough this year no doubt about it But okay on to bigger and better things what's up Under bigger and better things yes Orange Julius's Okay all right All right all right I looked it up I did my homework I actually did this Hard to believe but yay All right so let's talk about this Now when I said they're all over town well that's because Arizona might be the last place that they have like 17 of them in Phoenix alone But what happened was our Julius merged with dairy Queen And there are three dairy Queen locations in the Austin area in quote Syria that have orange Julius within the dairy queens Oh wow Okay I wonder if they taste the same now because they are the main ingredient One of them was raw eggs And they're telling people of course nowadays not to eat raw eggs I wonder how they've gone around that Well you know what's interesting because some people by the way are saying that they notice a difference Now the other thing is everybody saying don't have rags but how many Caesar salads are selling They have raw eggs In the upside in the upscale places how many people are still eating steak tartare There's raw eggs in them But the closest one to you would be at the Lake line mall which is in Cedar Park not exactly Oh darn metro access doesn't go there Hell But yeah but see I actually did this And you know it's funny you mentioned that about the raw eggs and I feel it's probably why I heard some people saying well yeah they got them but it's just not exactly the same and I'll bet you that it is the lack of the rot eggs That probably is because I actually had one oh I don't know about 25 years ago And that they had already talked about not eating raw eggs and all that And I had one and I remember it didn't taste quite the same But I still I don't know even though it'll be disappointing if I get one and it doesn't taste the same I still want one craving orange Julius That's right It's close enough You know I mean it may not be perfectly honest So yeah and some of the sum of the dairy queens aren't carrying orange Julius And in fact it was a while where all of the Austin's were and then that dreamsicle and all that And most of them are not in Austin but that one is but it's not close enough to you as the problem Right I don't think metro access goes there Well I try One of these days I'll talk a friend and taking this Yeah we'll call first Make sure they're still got it Yeah that's true Yeah Exactly Because I don't trust them far as I can throw them Yeah What are some of the restaurants that you like in Austin when you lived here You know different things I hate to even admit this but I loved the salami subs at Delaware subs They are good Yes They are very good Yes love them That all the time I didn't mind taco Cabana But it talks about exactly but I'll tell you I gotta have Mexican food You don't have a lot of money It's exactly what it is But you know it bothered me at the time there were no sbarro's at any of the mall I used to go to go to San Antonio to get my sbarro's fix The other thing was of course it was close enough to the.

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