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Majesty's secret services like a bum out when you get the end of it and the fact that leaves him. You never made another bond movie fascinating nevertheless. Who's a big fan of this movie soderbergh. Oh of course. I act when he used to blog. Remember those days along thing. And and especially about sean. Everything you mentioned about how it's cut in and shot and the action sequences but yeah the this is like a cult. There's a whole group of people for whom this is a cult favorite. And so i read. Whenever it's most recent anniversary stay interview plays and be and i just got the opinion that he just really didn't care about being james bond or really anything else related to it and just like walked knee even interview diana reagan. She's like yeah. He didn't really seem particularly interested in or the movie. Which i i mean. I guess that's a flex to not be interested in diana rigg. Yeah i mean it would be cool. I want let's not make soderbergh cleanup anybody else's messes again. You know but someone like that doing a one off while they're figuring other things out would be cool. It's a fun idea okay. let's keep this going. Amanda what's your number two suit minds casino. Royale which i was surprised was not on either of your less only jet only to be interesting to i. Would've it would've been if we were trying to not smoke. Craig movies and so i mean it's interesting now because i think i was more pro like pretending a defense or against of something else and now. I don't really know what to say. I think on the internet among the fans. This is often like the cult favorite. I remember a lot of people. Were very mad when we did scaife off ables instead of casino royale to which i would say number one. We don't pick rewatch bulls and number two. I would say this movie is not shot by rodriguez and also it has an action sequence bodies exhibit. But it just it really. Does everyone forgets it. Just like an extended sequence at the bodies exhibit beyond that. I think it's pretty excellent. And i feel feel bad in the first. Half of this podcast. I guess we had craig fatigue and fatigue for this era. And it's always hard to end things but i like i've loved the daniel craig bond era and i you know i discovered it discovered james bond. A younger age and pierce brosnan was the person that i kind of my introduction to the world of sean connery and this franchise but the dino correct franchises when i was like oh look at the possibility. And look what you can do with this kind of outdated ip and look what you can do this character again when you have someone who can act and i think it is interesting to say what if we explored this person as a person and had ideas and just do this same fund set pieces all over and over and over again or that we could do more. I think sometimes the more has not worked. See the last two movies i think. Sometimes the more really does work in the case of casino allen the best berlin stuff i mean even there. It's true she comes up everybody. They've just really been flogging it ever since but god in the context of casino royale. She's she hasn't been easy in casino royale. I think i for more like the way that the marvel movies treat like. What happened in new york as if that's like emotionally resonates with the people who watched it like vesper. Sadly is one.

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