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And rowdy Roddy Piper. And macho man, Randy Savage and Dusty Rhodes. What about staying staying to the ring? I give him like the fourth or fifth, But can you speak about haystacks? Calhoun? You're not making any sense. Do you run soon? Do you replace Hulkster Rock flare or stone cold with anybody? Um, How about Chief Jay Strongbow? You're getting stupid now, Now, you You have a question for me. I'm keeping McConnell on. He's been here 30. Some years he started nine AM to noon started that didn't exist before he began it. Secondly, he's a wonderful morning guy. I think a lot better than Jim Scott ever was. All right. Here is my question. I saw this on reddit over the weekend. I'm a big reddit guy was asking the following and all acted to you if you could pair up any pitcher in major league history versus any hitter in major, like history that never faced each other. For one dramatic at bat. Who would you want pitching to which hitter and why? Would take Randy Johnson against Babe Ruth. Who? How about that Now? My all time Starting pitching staff are Sandy Ko fax Randy Johnson. The big train. Walter Johnson. I throw in Roger Clemens and Bob Gibson knows my five men. I would take Babe Ruth versus Shohei Otani and let them each pitch against each other. What about that Because there was no better pitcher in baseball and Babe Ruth. And Otani right now, there might be no better picture. I mean, that will If you realized last week, he had a week, where he hit six home runs and won a game on the mound. He had elite He's tied for the major League League in home runs with 23. Last week, he won a game, pitching six innings, allowing a run and hit homers in five different games last week five Can I give him my all time starting baseball team? I'm sure you are. First base, of course, is Number four of your New York Yankees. A man named Garrick Hmm. Second base, Rogers Hornsby. Shortstop. A Rod. Third base pie, Traynor. Left field. Babe Ruth at center field. Willie Mays right Field, Henry Aaron behind the plate bench and backing them up. Would be, uh Hug. Hey, You know what I've got? If you have 30 seconds, I have a tremendous Johnny bench story had never heard that I found today You're ready for this. Please continue to do it. I do it on the state in rich history. Every day On this date, 1966 schedule Page was signed a pitch for the red class 18 the Peninsula Peninsula. Grey's class a ball. It was a promotion applied by the owner in the minor Lake city to get fans. Satchel Paige pitched that night. The last game he ever pitched. He threw two innings. The Web starting catcher should have been was Johnny Bench, but he was not the lineup that night and did not catch Satchel Paige. How about that for a story? This 1966 you know, that's pretty good right there. Bench was 18 years old and got the night off did not catch Satchel Paige and his two innings for the graves that night. Should Amir Garrett be sent down the billings or Reds? Baseball heaven, which to facilities? What best? How's the talent of a mayor Garrett, who has disappeared. He clearly needs a side pressure to bullpen with you. Let's let's do this again in 70 games. Is there a podcast available of all your Mount Rushmore as I could go back and listen to You know, that's a great idea. I'm going to get my Mount Rushmore is together and put it on my podcast. Would you like that? I am nothing If not an idea, guy, Willie, you make Jim Scott seem exciting. Are my services done? Just like a hooker. Thank you very much. 700 WLW.

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