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Opposed to allowing the legal process to go forward. This is one of the reasons why timeshare exit team is fighting back and got the coalition perform timeshare all you have to visit timeshare exit team dot com, or if you have a timeshare horror story posted online tag hashtag reform timeshare. Okay. So here is a letter that I received today from an idea former Israeli soldier Gaza veteran named Jonathan d he asked that I not use his last name because he doesn't want to be targeted by terrorists. He says Ben my name is Jonathan I'm a former idea paratrooper who fought in southern Gaza against us in two thousand fourteen in Rafah and unis. I'm also recent alumnus of Columbia, which will be relevant here. He said that he listened to the podcast about Israel and Gaza, a personal story today tell to tell and he says that it does highlight the evil nature. Comas tactics and the perverse tendency of western intellectuals dishonestly condemn Israel in two thousand fourteen writes, this former soldier after being pounded by HAMAs rocket fire and with pregnant women in senior citizens forced to run to bomb shelters ten times per day, the idea finally invaded Gaza, both to stop the rocket fire and to destroy the tunnels dug from Gaza into Israel. We the one hundred and first paratroopers battalion were set with combat engineers into a neighborhood of Han. Unis healthcare bats is here, which has gorgeous and imposing mosque at center almost every building in the civilian area had mortars or other weapons inside. Well, we were searching the neighborhood for tunnels one. Big tunnel was discovered by our combat engineers in the basement of the mosque the tunnel leads directly crossed the border and popped up under his Rayleigh kindergarten the magin what come fighters would do to Israeli children if they'd managed to use the tunnel is planned twenty reasonable person. The moss was now legitimate target. If you use a moss for military purposes, don't be surprised if you get a military response. So the combat engineers got to work figuring out what to do all we had a perimeter around the area, but we are above ground. And during his time at three subterranean HAMAs fighters emerged from the tunnel in the mosque and shot and killed two of our combat. Engineers my close friend high had run into the firefight carrying out the engineer die guy as he bled out and screamed dying in Himes arms. The three KamAz fighters were killed in the ensuing battle. This was the last straw for the mosque the combat engineers, demolished it along with the tunnel underneath a totally legitimate military operation, I took a picture of the mosque attached below as the site was truly awful house of worship destroyed is always a tragedy and Jews have enough of this in our history to be sensitive. But wait until you see how the mosque was used by the western media before that take a moment to appreciate just how evil HAMAs tactics were here in the service of murdering Israeli kindergarteners, they tunneled beneath a mosque in their only densely populated neighborhood with tens of thousands of residents living in eight square blocks. Perversely relying on Israel's humanity to prevent it from striking innocent people and despite the budget to build these expensive reinforced concrete tunnels, they have not built any bomb shelters for their own people. Except of course, leadership we the I did not have to lose guy or any of the other seventy five soldiers. Sacrifice during this war could have simply palm the and been done with it. But we didn't to protect Gaza civilians, my fellow soldiers and risk their lives for innocent Gazans as much as for as Railly's. I personally guided group of fifty Gazan women and children away from the fighting and to safety risking exposure, Tacoma's sniper-fire, congresswoman to leave now accuses me, and my fellow soldiers of targeting children and families, this is liable. She should be laughed out of polite society. Unfortunately, she and her L Kevin able ours. And then he talked about how various liberal groups have sought to defend commodities. And for example, I attended one particular event led by Abner, the Varyag of breaking the silence group that claims to speak the truth on behalf of combat veterans or uncomfortable with what they did while serving in reality. The group with European funding goes around the world painting a picture of deep have through about the conduct as we all have truths toll taking her masses are more damaging often than outright lies breaking the silence had compiled deeply misleading report about the two thousand fourteen war against us. It was designed to make Israel look like brutal oppressors. What was the? The centerpiece of the front page, the mosque he attached to cover the cover of the report same mosque one photograph, no context, none of the story. So the soldier ask of our Yahoo. Whether he thinks the cover of the report conveys, a fair implication of what happens the mosque wouldn't knowing the context significantly change reader's understanding of the story had no answer impression. The reader gets mmediately as well. Israel is awful for blowing up a mosque. And so we see the dishonesty in academia and the western media Roger Cohen at the New York Times routinely sites. Breaking the silence in his criticism of Israel's brutal occupation. And while I do wish is rarely soldiers grabber grapple more fully with the violence necessary to counter threats from its neighbors. That's an internal societal issue. Not one be dumbed down for western media consumption and narrative, pushing breaking the silence and NGOs like it should be considered. Just as dishonest as the SPIC, the southern poverty Law Center and other discredited hack organizations. I hope there are enough fair and decent Americans to sympathize with the impossible situation idea of troops find themselves in and to vote accordingly. Israel's our ally and must remain so Jonathan Jonathan thanks for the letter. I really appreciate coming up. We're going to get into the Democrats putting certain democratic institutions at risk in the United States. But I I need to take a moment to remind you. 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