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Well i i would say i'm not bragging when i say this with thirteen out of the fourteen years i was out i had someone approached me and asked me if i was interested in being interviewed and i had free direct offers to coach of j two of them on the phone one of them told me if i would take his job i could write my own contract because he had so much money could spend it or his family could spread it in his lifetime and he was tired or lose and where you tempted i thought about it you know i i'll tell you exactly what happened and this is the truth yet i was home at christmas vacation visiting with my father who only had weeks left to live with pancreatic cancer and the they found meet at the home and talk to me on the phone it was hugh culverhouse wow and i told my dad i said dad you can't believe will just happen i had mr culverhouse just offered me an opportunity to come coach the tampa bay buccaneers and i could write my own contract and he said what are you going to do and i said i don't know and he said if you need the aggravation that i said no then he said don't do it so i didn't do it while but it whenever a blank cheque see and that's the biggest difference when i get the privilege and honour of working with all these men who coached in the game i always tell them that they will not have the highs and lows that they did coaching but they will lead a much more balanced peaceful stable life the did as a coaching you understand that as a former broadcaster any former head coach rightly the broadcast i ended up better spent when i went back in in ninety seven i understood that yeah i understood with john wooden knowledge told me your career in successor going to be german by not out many games you win your success is going to be determine how you handle the adversity the losses and i learned at i home loan to that in my first two years with the rams were were brutal they were tough but uh we got it done the old fashioned.

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