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Krug and Rod B T. K B k NPR one. Oh 45 and 6 80 sports leader the pitch for the left handed hitters. Swing, my bribe the right field and in threat of the diving McKinney base hit Basler scores right behind him. His Strada King scores. It's fine to three Giants. Incredibly, lightning has struck twice. Awesome moment last night because Jonah on the call there, John Miller. Giants win it 53. Their lead in the West is three games and we were just treated to four. Awesome giant Dodger Games, and Farhaan is going to join us at five and there's talk. The Giants won. Danny Duffy. There's talk that the Cardinals and Rangers had scouts recently looking at Giants games. I don't know who that could be about Joey Gallo. Hint. Hint. Kyle Gibson. Maybe Kim, that pitcher who dominated the Giants. Maybe they would add him until an Carlson a Harrison Bader, who knows Um, but for arms with us at five, and we'll ask him all the all the trade deadline. Rumor stuff at that point, Dodgers. How about the series The Dodgers trailed in the ninth, scored three to win Tuesday. Giants trailed in the ninth Wednesday scored three to win. Giants trailed in the ninth last night, scored four to win. It's the only baseball series in the modern era to have three games, where one team trailed in the ninth and then scored three plus runs. To win first time ever in the modern era, going back to 1900. That tells you what kind of special game it was. And the rivalry in the West is heating up as the Dodgers are coming to Oracle Park for a three game series with your Giants, July 27th, 28th and 29th. And can be our wants to send you to the game. We call number 14 right now. 415478 knbr and you can win four tickets to Wednesday, July 28th game. It's a 6 45 1st pitch for contest. Details Just go to Canberra dot com. Slash contests and check it out for yourself. Keep the DIA locked all week long for your chance to experience the rivalry live at Oracle Park. Go, Giants! Go first place giants. Alright, We're going to talk to Marcus Thompson coming up next. A lot of talk about the Warriors today. Here's the big question of the day. Are you willing to hawk James Wiseman in a trade for Bradley? Beal? The talk is the Warriors want Beale? Marcus is reporting it. Uh, I'm not willing to. I'm not willing to trade James Wiseman in a deal for Bradley be able last Marcus about it next on the sports leader. KB on K NPR one. Oh, 45 and 68, these sports leader. Like we said this week, every single game, Wilmer, there's a swing and a line drive base hit someone different to nano swings drives one to deep center field. Going back, Bellenger still going back hits over his head. Watches up line drive to right field and in front of the diving McKinney Fosler scores right behind him. His Strada. It's fine three times. It's incredibly lightning has struck twice, and this time it was Lamont way, Junior Dodgers now in the rear view mirror this afternoon that tweet KB look to the left. Jeremy Affeldt Giants perspective during this incredible season and the best way to end the week before tonight's game is to bring the far heads together as the president of baseball ops. Far higher. Anxiety joins TK Be at five for trade deadline talk and much more. It's over the oracle part for Giants and pirates. First pitch 6 45. We are. We are the sports leader for the ones who.

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