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Who missed her customers. I'm glad they can come back to save him a trip to Occidental a forty minute drive. It will be weeks until the post office reopens. Meanwhile, for Betty, there was a sigh of relief. There's you check. I'm happy to the Bank in Guerneville Jeffrey shall case. KCBS governor Newsom imposed a ban on executions in California that happened Wednesday. His executive order also dismantled enclosed the execution chamber of California's only death row San Quentin in Marin county Senator and presidential candidate comma Harris has now making news about the death penalty. And she says there should be a federal ban on executions as California's attorney general Harris defended the state's use of the death penalty. But she says she personally believes that execution is immoral discriminatory ineffective and a gross misuse of taxpayer money. California is struggling to seize guns from thousands of people who legally should not own them. KCBS is marquee. Schaefer reports San Jose police are seeking local funding to help the State Department of Justice recover, the weapons California's attorney general has identified more than twenty three thousand individuals in the state who are. Criminals or mentally ill who have guns but aren't allowed to possess them fifty agents statewide or assigned to confiscate the weapons president of the San Jose police officers association, Paul Kelly says that's not enough. We will be reaching out to our local city elected officials seeking immediate funding for personnel to be dedicated to working with the California Department of Justice to be a force multiplier and get these weapons away from these high risk individuals police departments across the state members. Protect California are also asking for local staff and funding. Officers are also supporting Senate Bill two thirty a Bill in the state legislature that will provide public safety officers with the ongoing mental health crisis intervention training. We've been asking for it's estimated a quarter of all fatal officer involved shootings. Involve people in mental distress in San Jose Margie Schaefer, KCBS coming up on KCBS, gentlemen, leaders of San Francisco's number one industry say St.. Conditions seemed to be improving. It's three fifteen. Here's your sports line with Bruce McGowan tonight for the San Jose Sharks. They were playing their third contests in the last four evenings that had showed as they seem to run out of gas in the third period. Two to tie became a four to Florida Lee. And that was the final score is the Panthers beat the sharks four to two took advantage of five power play opportunities. Coach Peter Deboer said the sharks are still looking good atop the Western Conference of the National Hockey League me you're not gonna.

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