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Of course, they're, they're just like, Zimmer's. Fingerprints are all over this. And you know if the Broncos and Panthers play last year, Super Bowl and probably much more obvious about this team. The fact that that is that defense is do win or have won the last year or and with with sub par quarterback playing. So. Bradford. Average to above average and for him out of this world compared to what he's ever been. And so I just, you know, I think that I just keep giving going back to like them or and the draft last years of Rick Spielman it so impressive the way they're able to fill holes. It's it's just really unbelievable. And you know, as a Packer fan, I five eleven Green Bay Packers. I, you know, I definitely unquestionably reading against them but becomes harder and harder every week because of how good Mike Zimmer is. He's unbelievable. I mean, the way that they've this is one of the best coaching jobs that I've seen out again again, obviously small sample size, but just really, really impressive because they're not doing against nobody either. They took out the Packers at home who then the nicely quips pretty pretty done good on offense and, and you know they'd be just destroyed the giants last night. You know, they're, they're, they're impressive group right now. Miss you. They have a problem in the form of Blair Walsh. I, I, I would be more concerned about their offense and Blair Walsh. They'll say that I was the talented kicker, probably I, I would assume you'll get it straight, but they have a real problem on offense. I think just looking at them, it's hard for me to believe that this team can win playoff games, given the offense while offensive personnel that they have right now, it just it. It kind of offended by sensibilities as a football fan, but it's a maze. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, he's an impressive player, but kickers are funny, you know, kicker the kind of like the Chuck knob lock disease where you miss one throw in all of a sudden. You can't make that through the second anymore. And I, you know, I've never seen it worse than I saw it with Cody parkey a couple of weeks ago who just absolutely lost the game by himself for the watching check foghorns football. Well, yeah, but at least with the longhorns we're not talking about professional kickers. That's true. So you're right kickers. Couldn't get weird quick and, and things can go awry. But I just I, like I said there, yeah, things can happen. But I think that I think that they'll be okay if they keep winning, he'll be less and less of a concern because I think that that built stopped across the locker. Let me tell you what aunt you. I've got a, I've got a stream go in here and I got one. I would like to point out that, you know, I'm I'm not someone to illegally stream sporting events or anything like that. And I I'm a leak past member. And if if league password just show preseason games like they should, I wouldn't be forced to look for some second rate stream. But right now we've got the Boston Celtics and the Philadelphia seventy Sixers about the kickoff in preseason NBA and it's a, it's an exciting time for me is the Philadelphia seventy Sixers fan on shoe. Even with number one, pick Ben Simmons just having surgery on his right foot today. Probably gonna missing at minimum three months. Realistically, probably a little bit more, but we get to see a couple of kids. We drafted in two thousand fourteen the enigmatic Joel Embiid and Croatian sensation. Doria searched. That's very exciting for you. I think that this is finally the year where you'll start to see the fruits of the labor of the previous regime, and you know, that's that's pretty fun, especially in the preseason where they'll get a lot of bird and probably have a little bit more success than they will take place there play regularly. Yeah, definitely -tations for Jerrell for Joel and beater. Astronomical. We watch the Gladys basically legend at this point without ever having played a professional basketball game. I think they said for a twelve minute minute, twelve minute cap for him tonight just wanna get his his feet wet. And right now as we speak, I'm watching Joel Embiid warm up. It's like a unicorn. It's like seeing a unicorn on my heart honest, we, we heard so much about him..

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