Twelve Months, Hundred Dollars, This Year discussed on Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast


I think that's my sort of take from this. How year when everything is in twelve months is it sort of understanding the. There's bad stuff but it's taken the positives out of the negative situation to learn that lesson. I suppose is what you've been talking about all the way through about kind of your own personal journey. Yeah yeah totally because the even though this has been really a really challenging time there are some positives of come out of it like people we were talking before about you being able to have guests from different parts of the world. That might not have been something they would have been available to do. We wouldn't have thought to use technology in this way. So that's really good. And i am a weird little thing is i really love. Seeing people walking like just like families out will king is back to basics because life was surly hundred dollars an hour before so seeing people like there is literally nothing to do. We completed net flicks. You know what. I mean like the older reasons to dislike. Hang out with the stupid family and go for a nice walk. So that's really lovely to say over the enjoyed. That and i didn't myself. I try to do that every day. Just to be out in the fresh air and be amongst people whether it's true you know it's not having kids it's been it's been hard at times lucas more time and i'm schools and all that sort of stuff but it's been really terrific as well for for just spending more time together and the kids spending more time together and become becoming a more unit most the time signed but you know it's been. Yeah i mean that's a look at the positives and when you have something and obviously had to cope with really terrible things this year either being ill themselves or losing a family members. But it's but it's sort of again it's tobacco guess understanding how fragile. Everything is making the most of it while we've got as well you know..

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