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Hours away. Where President Trump will speak as the president continues, arguing that he has got greater enthusiasm behind him that Biden does. Fox is Peter Doocy in Duluth. Early voting also underway in South Dakota, Virginia in Wyoming. Because of the pandemic, Europe's largest security organization won't send nearly as many observers to monitor the US election. A spokeswoman The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, telling AP they had planned to send as many as 500, but now we'll deploy just 30 because of health concerns and travel restrictions. Princeton University says it's cooperating with a new racial bias investigation. The Trump Administration says it opened the probe after an open letter from the university president detail ING efforts to fight systemic racism. America is listening to Fox thieves. News Radio K LBJ on Patrick Osborne. There's news brought by the Good Feed store. He jumped the gun. That's the general message from Travis County Health Authority. Mark s got about Governor Abbott, allowing businesses to increase capacity to 75% next week. I like to see our positivity rate less than 3% before. We were to make that recommendation to 75% that wouldn't put Austin Travis County at Stage two on the risk charred, But Scott says he does believe the governor's trying to balance public health with an economic Rebound, Who says people really need away the risks and decide for themselves what they should do? Bar owners have again been dealt a setback after being left out of the governor's latest reopening plan. Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonding says they genuinely feels for the industry. But he says we can't have a repeat of the spike and covert that came from the first time bar's open. It didn't work. I mean, at the end of the day, Unfortunately, as painful as this is It did not work. He says the governor's latest step is vital in getting the economy moving again. And he says that rebound can't be put at risk. Nor can the health of students returning to school be put at risk just because bars one open their doors. The Texas Restaurant Association knows applauding the governor's increase of dining room capacity CEO Emily Williams, Knight says that should help owners hang on a bit longer, because too many have folded for good Already. We've lost about 15% of our Texas restaurants. We had 50,000 at the start of the year. That number will go to about 30% or more if we can't get a handle on more revenue into these restaurants, and she says Without more federal help, the increased capacity alone won't prevent more closures. And the city of Austin has once again extended protections for Renner's through December 31st. The city will require landlords to get at least 60 days notice for eviction. The ordinance has been extended several times, but it does not exempt someone from actually having to pay what they owe. It's gotta look now at your news, radio, K LBJ radar, Weather Watch sunshine and clouds for this afternoon of a high 88 mainly clear tonight with a low 64 Saturday less human with plenty of sun and high 85. From the weather Center..

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