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Criminal intent against this school district for breaking the law and passing a curriculum without along parent input in closing, I'm going to say this your time is soon up. The people of this state and this school district are rising up. There are recall measures in place you have awoke a sleeping giant. I hope you enjoy your mask short term future here While it's still last, thank you so as as fun as that was going to play a short clip of my wife's one, which was even better. And I have to say it was much better than that. And the reason we're playing. This is I just hope that if I can inspire one person to show up and look somebody in the eye and say, you have to stop doing this, then you're participating in the American project. That's what we want to do here tonight that you could speak boldly and courageously. And so my wife said, Charlie, I got a real surprise in store. I said, Oh, boy, what is she going to do? And so she shows up at the meeting and we can play the whole thing, But it gets will play like the first minute because you'll get the point. And so she decided to say, You know what? Why don't we have a moment of silence for every person that has committed suicide because of these sort of lockdowns and will commit suicide because of what you're doing, And so she took the three minutes of just a moment of silence, And then about a minute and a half. A school board member who will not be named. Decided to go check something on his computer. And she says, No, no, no. We're doing a moment of silence. It's like, okay, I'm sorry almost immediately. So we're going to enjoy just the beginning Part of this and you'll love it. Hi. My name is Erica. Francois. I'm a former s USD student. I would like to use my three minutes today, Mr Greenberg. Mrs Saganowski, Mrs Buckman, Mrs Hart, Wells and Mr Lindsey And I would like to have a moment of silence for the s USD students who have committed suicide because of the mental health issues you all have created by enforcing reckless rules and regulations implemented in the 2020 school year. And I would also like to include within this moment of silence all the kids who will end up committing suicide. This upcoming school year in 2021 in 2022, because of your reckless and ego centered leadership and lack there of Mr.

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