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Is just a hurricane in the pacific was in the area and just dumping loads of water's kinda messed everything up because there's way too much time sitting in a biker bar listening to karaoke like i don't give a shit about karaoke cool. They made a career out of playing cover songs. That's great for them. Hopefully they enjoy it. But i don't care. Yeah so then that i don't wanna step in kind of just wanna know now like what you're ranking and i don't have mine ready but i know yours like chambered it's slow the bottom like the bottom like not below the bronx I think so. Yeah i mean forty. I forty nine wall except socks. I am sorry it does not accurately depict the philippines. I feel like at all. And i've never been to the philippines. She has katy has. But i've never been there but i think there's just it's almost like they shouldn't just shown the episode they should scrapped it. It's bad all he talk about christmas and kariuki for like forty five minutes but just the bronx was terrible. But the bronx at least has like one or two scenes in there that you're like okay. You know when they go to the eat. The fried fish fish place him in desus like that's a decent seen. You know what i mean like. I think the problem with that episode is it doesn't make you want to go to the bronx doesn't but neither does this episode. If you saw it and didn't know anything else about the philippines you'd be like okay. So if i'm really big into christmas go there some time in the fall as about it that and everybody has different recipe for adobo kind of cell. I mean you make your own determination. But it's a bad episode like they don't talk about duarte who's like the dictator who like basically as his war on drugs and is just kills. Anybody labelled a drug dealer but also you can label. Anybody is a drug dealer essentially. Just what's going on. they also have like. There's isis problems in the philippines as well on some of the islands. There's the other thing i was going to say to..

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