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Popular culture to a level of scrutiny probably doesn't deserve the over thinkers they're like you're smart funny friends from the Internet never happier than when we are hanging out with one another go I don't I don't think that's the thing you're supposed to have in your childhood I don't think that everyone's like is the first time I encountered a goose to Christmas and like making noise at you and it will bite you they won't necessarily hurt but it's like wow you know it's your first little tidbit of nature being if not reading tooth and claw at least a little pink right is that the nature hates you and wants to destroy you but it said it really can't be bothered agoos is a big evil duck although when you learn more about ducks about their private people right but it's like I don't know maybe this is just because I you know we had a public pond that was on kind of major Canadian goose mcgladdery patterns or something I look very clear memories of goose being ornery Mo- foes Jesus I love Jesus to pieces but they they will bite you they will cause problems and being taught the difference between a duck which you generally kind of like go next to and it will bother you and a goose which you kind of have to steer clear it's like was kind of an important initial experience so if like classifying and understanding what the world is like for me so maybe I took to the goose game because I have a a goose phantasmagoria like rattling around inside my brain you're you're a sufferer of goose trauma goose traumatic stress disorder it's right right right yeah I know I got his stat at a pond at like a park by a goose but I didn't like I I was timid child tonight did not provoke the goose because I you know I realized that it was dangerous from its its many it's many threatening sounds but but yeah I mean I guess but like you're here the fantasy is like you are loose Sim wa right I think this is yeah I think this is interesting because you said that if you have a clear idea what Giessen like you take to this game real quick and I think there is a sense of that in in some degree because one of the initial pieces of press that was released they said like it's a lovely Dan village and you are a terrible goose and I had the sense immediately of like knowing what a terrible goose would be and it's it's going to be running around and trampling the flower beds and stealing food and stuff like that right and scaring children and I thought Oh that would be fun for a game but actual geese like if you were an ornithology this two studies geese I don't think that you would understand this game so much because the goose that frightens you at the pond when you are small fenzl isn't doing it for no reason its territory right like it's darting guarding it's snails and it's mate from you this this large featherless goose that for some reason stepping up in its turf right whereas the goose and the goose game has much more inscrutable motivations right would you think that the goose and the goose game thinks that the village is home and at the other people that are in a villager in an annoyance to it rather than it being an annoyance to them well I think actually played through the game over the past week and then I started up the beginning just before the call because I wanted to check something what I think is great about the game is the degree to which it tells stories about without recourse to language and it does a very clever thing right at the start so first of all spoilers now untitled use game it's it's worth doing this because like right at the end when you realize that in fact the goose has been like collecting shells and piling up in that ditch that's a great reveal like I literally laughed out loud alone in a room which is not something that one would normally do when I suddenly realized that it's kind of like at the end of psycho and you realize that there is like cars piled on cars of the pop of that swamp but I suppose I should have said spoiler turned psycho two priorities priorities dirty you don't want to spoil the goose the time but so right at the start when like your first being told how to how to control your goose and everything you come up in the woods and you go into like the next little screen and there's litter everywhere there's like an old empty beer can on the ground so there's this like with of a suggestion that oh the people have encroached goose's habitat this is about like environmentalists revenge when it's revealed after everything that the goose is doing this because it wants to steal bell quite sure on steel valves but it is a heist that's why is doing what it's doing right and many many bells like so so if you're still listening and you didn't play through the game the idea that you you steal a bell from a model of the town which is sort of the kind of back to the future clock tower kind of or object that represents the sort of heart and soul and center of the town and when you bring it back to your layer with the whole village trying to stop you you find that you have countless other bells which could also further suggests that you've done everything on your to do list before many many times right that this is sort of like one time of many that goose has ventured upon what you've what is just in endeavoured upon it this is this sort of endless cycle and really one must must imagine untitled goose happy because there's really no reason to believe that he's unhappy with this is just how it works is the goose goes around like steel sufficient things to get to convince people unlock sufficient gates and kind of allowed to progress through the village to the point that he can steal the most precious objects he thinks existed down bring it back through his layer where he sits atop it sir triumphant smile just like just smug legal like with the voice by Benedict Cumberbatch I'm not sure the answer's no probably odd but but yeah it's it's that it's that kind of experience that kind of adventure so so for you Jordan the ecological angle get set up but then undermined yeah I think that a right at the beginning they kind of do that to to suggest that you there is a moral reason why the doing this and then pretty quickly you just sort of get lost in in the puzzle game aspect of it so once you realize that your to do list which I think that's the one command they don't I tell you at the start like I was playing it on a Mac and they tell you like okay so you do this to Honky do this to lock you do this to pick things up to dock and you don't realize on have yes I think they say to Crouch down actually in the game dot to break the simulation it's only after you have kind of just through exploring done something like a broken into the garden or gotten the gardener to soak himself with the sprinkler that suddenly to this pops up right and then once you realized that you have a game like objectives you start playing the game and the and the point is just to do all the objectives and kind of where the to do this leads you there you go but then when at the end like she encountered the bell it seems like stealing the battle is just like this is the last thing on the list every time we've gone to a new place we've been given new mischief too 'cause here's the biggest bit of mischief but then upon really housing that you have this like you know and end of the prestige thing where like here's the giant underbelly all of these Dal's piled up upon each other you realize that no that's what the goose went in there four like you didn't know starting out this was about the bell but it was always about the bell yes some some gifts just want to watch the world burn match do you want to watch the world burn you I played the game you know did Niamey and of course I wanNA watch a sort of wanted to watch the world burn a little bit I mean I'm like I'm I'm uh-huh interested in the goose in its relationship to other forms of of like literary or or video game wary mischief right and actually like the the sort of the animal sociopath that comes to mind most right now just as we as we talk about it is the cat in the hat and the cat in the hats kind of quest to under mind domesticity right and so like rather than in a kind of agrarian not agrarian what's the word I want like bucolic right sort of outdoor scenario the realm of the cat in the hat is the home And like the cat in the hat is the sort of psychic compensatory mechanism that the children have those those sued two children sally and me who while while their mother has abandoned them alone you know unsupervised uncared for while she you know endeavors upon what we can only presume as some sort of erotic errand and we we learn in the cotton hat comes back that that the mom and the dad don't don't share a bedroom so there's a real trouble in in the home that the cat in the hat is takes place and right like that you know the cat is sort of an agent of of kind of an into gleeful disorder just for the sake of it though you know I'm I'm trying to I'm trying to suggest that there is a kind of hidden psychic desperation at the root of what the cat in the hat does whereas goose seems to act only because he's an asshole and or spells or whatever you know the the lake a proper disposition of of rake is with the cake not make that you can definitely do a Freudian reading goose game but it's it's less of an poll facing and more of an anal phase thing because the polymorphic sleep perverse well no because all of the villagers want order right that's the nature of the either they're programmed with if you drag anything out of place they will all notice it and drag it back into that place so they want that order and then the goose sort of is an agent of chaos it goes in and disrupts that order seems to be kind of the the level of the mechanism there but as long as it's all part of the plan that everybody's fine with it you want to see how I got these scars Hong Kong no yet so yeah I would like it I like it to a Peter Rabbit and Benjamin bunny a little bit and this sort of relationship sort of farmer McGregor figure like transfer warming the Gardiner into the enemy of things that like gardens right is this sort of weird translocation of all that right like that that Benjamin Bunny and Peter Rabbit go into farmer McGregor's garden to get vegetables because they're rabbits and they want to eat vegetables and in the case of Peter Rabbit you know he is put in mortal danger because he loses his code and he's scared he gets caught practically and then with Benjamin buddies are like yeah whatever I can go out there whenever I want and get into venom of the of the of the game that like that there's something to orderly about the village and the fact that you can move you can pick up a knife and like a butter knife for a kitchen like an eating knife and you drop it on the ground and the bartender lady will walk over to pick up the knife and when she does you can like Philip overflow the sink and steal her things or like throw a bucket off of a ten foot ledge onto somebody else's head because she was so obsessed with the little detail that you distracted her from the big details it seems to be a big part of E. A. figuring out how this game works like the moral flaw of the people in this game is that they care so much about the little things like if you move the Gardner spayed over he'll go and get it and then you conceal his rake right or I and to me I think that really interesting question to ask would be did you all enjoy this game and why but for me I enjoyed it the more the more.

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