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The prison to the dogs to any other country. That's what i would do. But it sounds like this guy goes straight from prison to the precinct to be like. Hey guys i broke out anyway. We'll see later. I feel like if you're willing to rob folks of their stuff. You could rob a bus ticket. And then charlie ticket and then a bass bore and then be gone right like. I don't see the reason to hang around so this this finally after his third attempt he was caught and this time sentenced to death. Not holding anymore. We're just gonna kill you hired on this over with so. Initially he additionally he was six armed guards and was under surveillance. Twenty four hours a day. That is unfortunate. Good luck yeah. It's hard to get out at that point so at the support prison. Where he was incarcerated they actually specially built a cell for him to not be able to escape. Wow unfortunately it was the sapporo prison and everyone was one was drunk. So they specifically designed to prevent him from escaping through the air vents in the ceiling dope. Sure yeah which would be the largest defect in this setup because they spent so much time focusing on the ceiling that they kind of ignored. The floor jumped up and down until the floor fell out and ran away. Pretty damn close. The prison guards at sapporo had so much faith in their newly renovated sell. They no longer even bothered to have handcuffs on him. Oh six guards and twenty four seven monitoring but no big cup situation and he's in a cell now so they're i think they're out on the outside of the door and he's alone in his cell. Don't do that. What a bell on him at the very last raced right so yoshi had aged was tired from being a prisoner and from constantly escaping There was only one thing that still fuelled his drive desperation. He's on death row Yeah i was gonna say. That's a pretty good motivator. While awaiting execution in nineteen forty seven yoshi made his final bid for freedom by unlocking the bolts that held together the cells wooden floorboards or Really just just bolts holding wooden boards. Dow aid really. Didn't pay attention to the fluids. He's going to go up. That vent right won't think of going through the floor. He won't think of going down. And that's a whole different direction. Used a bowl used for food as shovel and dug his way out. So some legit like redemption business. Shashank the heck okay. So he was on the run for a year and it was said that yoshi she was offered a cigarette by police officer and apparently at the time after the war cigarettes were really pricing so moved by kindness of the police officer. Yoshi admitted that he was an escaped convict and offered to be turned in by this officer. Thanks for the smoke. i'm gonna help your career by going back to death. I've done it four times already. I mean yeah. I guess at that point. He's just like i live for the thrill. Oh yeah so. He was tried once again. By the high court of sapporo. They noted that in all of his escapes. He did not perform bodily harm to any of the guards despite the fact that abuse of the guards was rampant. All the prison. I'm sure yeah so. The high court decided to wrote the prison decision of the death penalty. Instead he was given the final sentence of twenty years in prison. He requested to be imprisoned in tokyo. Which the court granted. I'm imagining that. They're like all right. I wanna be imprisoned here. And they're like well you can get out of any prison. Why not if we put you where you wanna be. That's one less like strike in the u. Running away call so. He spent the rest of his days in prison until nineteen sixty one when he was given parole. He traveled back to the amaury prefecture more than a decade later to reunite with his daughter. So he could tell her life story. Wow he lived for another decade after that doing odd jobs to survive and unfortunately succumbed to a heart attack in nineteen seventy nine own. Wow so outside of prison. Oh yeah. I good anya he. I mean he might have been done with all of that mess by the end of the war if he hadn't escaped so i know this pretty all times but every time he's oh yeah. By the way i'm escaped. Yeah you get think he was just hungry is like i need another hot meal. The meals weren't that bad in prison. Right like who. That's not so bad. not bad. All right our next one you probably all heard. If notorious gangster. John dillinger. oh yes. I've vaguely familiar with him. So he was pretty much jesse james kearney back he looks like most of the contestants on shop you actually kind of these got a certain. I'm a better than you. Lamma akaki chef guy. Yes kinda so. His legend reach dizzying heights during a series of crime sprees between nineteen thirty three and nineteen. Thirty four he was a dashing. Bandit that smiled at all the ladies while he robbed. The bank never never hurts. Find some pictures of him with a mustache like just a really thin pencil mustache. And he looked. Like i'm thinking great gatsby. He's not a bad looking guy. You'll probably sweet talk. Leaving is pretty. I mean you know if you're if you're going to be a dashing rogue being dashing as like half that description does help those that knew. His story considered him a modern day. Robin hood in telling his tale. They fused faction fiction to create kind of a modern day. Folk hero was. He robbed the rich and give to the local community. Values just rob rob rob take everything and give nothing back yoho kind of like that. But i think i'm thinking because it was so well. When was the great depression was that took twenties and thirties. I think steve when was depression. Oh thanks steve. We appreciate your feedback. On january twenty fifth nineteen thirty four authorities arrested dillinger and other members of his crew in tucson arizona so they extradited him be a plane to indiana robbing the first national bank and murdering patrolman william o'malley in east chicago indian e. Chicago apparently is a city in indiana. This took me ages to finally figured out what was going to say. I'm very confused. By the order of things. The only thing that makes sense there is a malian east chicago. So yeah they picked him up in tucson arizona and then flew back to indiana where it because he killed robbed a bank and killed a patrolman in east chicago indiana so as he's extradited back because he faced charges of robbery and murder charges and a potential date with the electric chair could. Oh yeah because you know so even ever the danger be authorities shackled. Dillinger's to his seat for the entire trip old sparky so he's not escaping this way and this is kind of interesting fun fact. He was one of the first extradited prisoners in the united states. History to be transported by air. I'll that is interesting and apparently true. Yeah that doesn't mean anything. It doesn't change anything. But now you know a trivia about a famous rock do so dillinger arrived at the airport in indiana on january thirtieth nineteen thirty four and was mobbed by cameramen the moment his feet hit some ground. He was taken from the airport to lake. County jail in crown point. Indiana thirty six chicago police officers and thirty six indiana police officers in a thirteen car convoy. Escort him to jail. How do you think they were a little worried about it. Maybe they were a little worried could grief so the arrogance of local authorities was on display from the moment of his arrival op-ed press pressing tow prosecutor robert s still lake county sheriff lillian holly and other local authorities posed for photographs with the gangster. Like you do the local prosecutor and sheriff even loud the facility noting that the gangster would not be able to break out ever. The showman dylan told everyone who would listen that he believed otherwise because famously when somebody says something as unbreakable or unsinkable. Ready to eat some crow. See that in your yield headline really and eight thirty. Am on saturday march third so a little more than a month after he got there not.

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