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On W. T. M. J. after a three day weekend hope you had a great weekend as well as I said earlier when I get to the Packers draft in my mind that dress sock but we'll see what you guys might have to say about that I I love that you know I love the future looking and we always want to kind of build for the future we also have a team that we want to put on the field this year last time I checked this is a final four NFL team that needed receivers and boy isn't it while Mike that all these years later we're talking about fire of not getting receivers he needed to kind of build upon his resume and now Aaron Rodgers over at the one thousand years in the league almost a dozen years in the league still talk about the same thing get him some receivers we have someone to throw to and I yeah yeah I get the fact that all these young guys are excited about I don't care give me some star players we saw what happened when you do that you'll go back and look at the lineup receivers in Superbowl thirty one when the Packers won go back and look at the line of receivers in a forty five when Aaron Rodgers one those are some studs at receiver we don't have that right now that's my my my draft rant for this Monday did you watch the replay thirty one over the weekend with the yesterday was a high energy all the day's blend together now yeah I was excited right yeah well I mean you know quick story the I actually had a party outside at my house same also live in now we tend to you Jerry had about seventy five people heated up to one eighty degrees have big screen TV is lots of lots of fun and conversation great food and of course it turned out perfectly how did the same thing the next the next year cause a loss of Broncos but yeah that's a great memory and I love the fact that the folks on fox of bringing these games back who doesn't like to see your team went in for us we've had a lot of great run in Wisconsin football but the the college team Wisconsin Badgers and the Akers but we just want to win baby to Cordell Davis get me the players I don't need to see a rebuild when you make the final for the NFL that's just that's just the way I feel maybe I'm maybe I'm out of my out of my skis are but to me that traps octuple gets all that with a rustle in the in the nine o'clock hour with Carol Cain all right businesses are starting to re open Mike and in some states little bit controversial not only businesses but almost entire states Georgia was the first one it loosened up restrictions on businesses like barber shops nail salons tattoo shops on Friday and starting today some restaurants will also be able to reopen albeit with limited capacity and some limits on where and who can six and what you're going to have on your table all that kind of stuff now there's some confusion as you mentioned over over what people are supposed to be doing we we heard all morning from people from Georgia say they're not sure if they're supposed to wear masks are they supposed to go out are they not supposed to go out the corner there Michael father says yes the where the masses of Solomon king of like a wall people want that I want to know it is scary to me and I want to say something some some of people why you don't have a mass also George was the first but businesses in Arkansas Colorado Mississippi Montana they're all going to be re opening some parts today Ohio and Texas both scheduled to make similar announcements later on this week as for here in Wisconsin governor Iverson will be providing an update to his badger bounce back program this afternoon Wisconsin still in stages zero I guess you'd call it in its re opening is we have yet to hit that fourteen day decline is mandated by the governor as for what it would look like when we start to get into the re opening stages T. M. J. four children Amanda's days one would include opening restaurants with social distancing.

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