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This is Dr and its ability to pay attention to detail because when you're calling plays like that you've seen that the interview in sixty minutes. Mcvay right. Yes. Sean pains like that right because Marshall fault had him at San Diego State as running back coach. So I've had some real insight to awesome, you know, like a personal level with some people that I've known very very long time and actually hung out with him a couple of times, and you know, had a couple of drinks and tall. He's a football monster him Gruden McVay. Jamie Bates, they eat it to eat it. They absorb it it flows through this. They call do they pose when it flows to so on pause like that, they leave no stolen. I got you. You will never ever get in a situation where you're showing that bliss, and I didn't see it coming. You. Love it. Oh, there's two alternate chess match because I don't wanna play that chess match job seven, and I'll hell, but but when you're watching a good game still Hill. got money. Dame with the giants that Monday night. Game was good. You get elation from the man I get goosebumps when they play the national anthem shit a quarterback to drop out of that like the great Davis and the first five or ten plays of a football game. The opposing quarterback Musco down any must go down hard that would say out there workout his greatest quote to the first five plays opposing quarterback must go down. Any must go down hard. That's cut the fuck and had right now, you mustn't Tim date the head coach the office coordinator, the old line coach, those are the three people that allow you to keep hunting quarterback or they turn off the Mexico City game. The loss Angeles. I'm having an issue with the National Football League last night. We watch the giants and the San Francisco in to everybody out in California with the fires because that's just horrible and everything that's going on in dick stain there. With that bullshit. He the forestry. And God, I mean, come on stop it. I mean, can you believe that shit played an unhealthy air? And now we're going to travel to Mexico City and somebody will tell me from east Saint Louis, and they don't drink the water. You know, this right? Players that listen, this is what letter somebody said at the Cowboys with the Cowboys is good on that man of each Saint Louis. Some of the worst war on earth and drink the wall Oma God Montezuma's revenge where we're heading into into the waters. Now, there's going to be some injuries. And fortunately, there's gonna be some variables as of right now Warren Sapp as of right now, and I have to go back to listen to the first time he came on. But as of right now, everything I'll tell you the way after thanksgiving in November. I'm close enough now, I'll give you. Okay. Thanks chief. That's it streets. That's that's the way. It's looking based on everything we know. Right. This moment right now play it, and they had to see them that will be the one seed in both places, and I'd love to see you Lord. Wall. Two of the roughest places earth to play football game. You're my man, I promise you that whatever they do that by you with that song. Kansas city. I'm telling you, rather your bones, and it's gonna be a cold coming through there. My daughter's out in Colombia right now, she's like that. This is the worst. I've ever felt for my life. Anything dropped this is just the first taste of it, man. That's that's that's a wicked place to play football Arrowhead wicked. All right. So is the Mercedes Benz Superdome. That's a nice spot. It can get really metric real fast. Boy, you remember when Gleason block that punt and all hell broke loose. That was a great football moment. Right. Football moment for the whole world. Right after Hurricane Katrina rank thing just place was rocking. The TV was shaking look at that. I'm like holy shit. But then..

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