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And that will be where you can put an order if you need any kind of medical masks and they're fantastic by the way we appreciate that. I've actually worked on a few of these things Undoing the sewing and stuff but I do some of the cutting of the fabric and stuff. So that's cool. You'll look at you being all domestic. I mean I'm trying. I'm not very good. At how long does it take her to make one man? It's kind of hard to tell because she makes in batches so it's really kind of hard to To narrow it down by mask but she does pretty good. It's a it's a pretty. She's got into like a science now so it's which I started. It was pretty slow. But it's It's sped up pretty quickly now. Sweet sweet all right. We'll check that out We'll post the link on our website as well. I think we actually have it there every week. No matter what so On the program. We've got ricky stenhouse junior later on in the show back when we were allowed to talk with drivers. And we've got that for you and we will also hear from from the winner from this last weekend's E. Racing. I racing whatever thing so his house to have the Mullet when you interviewed him he was wearing a hat so I don't know what a bummer. Because he looks like Joe Exotic the most Joe Exotic Looking Nascar driver when he has that mullet probably probably was back at Vegas. So I don't know what the timeframe was back then. Who knows who knows. Indeed we've got a lot to cover on today's program so let's get into it. Nascar racing pro invitational series from the virtual Talladega superspeedway. Still gotta do it. Even though it's virtual well yeah still the same. Let's run him down. Ten to one as per usual Daniels Warez Kurt. Busch Kyle Busch Brennan Pool. Any side notes for those guys. We'll Suarez have been kind of guy that people didn't want to run this thing anymore. Been ruffling feathers each week. Get solid top ten out of this one here though. I think he might science some people for at least a week. And how about Brand Pool? That's really cool to see him. Showcasing his abilities these restrictor plate tracks when he has an equal car or virtual card to those around him. Definitely definitely William Byron. I mean six place you might as we thirtieth for this guy. Yeah but at a unpredictable. Place like Talladega. I think he's pretty happy with six. Just continues to show that the cream rises to the top Even with weird circumstances like these races he's still finds a way for a solid finish their in six so i. I think you'll take landon. Castles been definitely decorating his rig with all kinds of sponsorship lately. Yeah he has and he's been dabbling in twenty four hours Nurburgring Nurburgring races on. Ira Sing and he's been he's been getting into it so I think he's been using some virtual racing school Setups and advice to get a little bit better at this stuff. And it's definitely showing. He's he's running pretty fast everywhere he goes. Garrett Smith Louis number four another guy who just kinda suffers from having really poor equipment and the actual real world has been showcasing what he does In the virtual world with equal settings with everybody else. So this been a really good eye opening experience for Garrett Smith Lee as well I think Ryan priests has been doing pretty well too. Yeah he's been pretty solid aside from the weird Incident with the Benedetto last week. He's been pretty strong so it's not surprising to see him up there and he was in the mix. They're pushing around for the win. Definitely coral joy Is One spot short of the win photofinish by the way so close? Yeah well it's Talladega lab. It is but man that was just wild definitely. Let's head to victory now virtual style. Alex Bowman takes the checkered flag in his first his first I racing deal there right so as I I- racing win in the I mean it says I I really went over all or just in the series that I don't know but he sure made it sound that way okay. Well yeah so I think because a couple of weeks ago he was saying that. This virtual Racing Bang wasn't for him and now he wins a race so he still is pretty funny. Yeah we we've got him on in the next segment Lots of stuff coming from Alex Bowman. So don't worry about that but yeah one of the things he said is He's he's surprised He's probably not gonNA continue this once. They go back real racing and which is weird. Because wasn't he down in the Hendrick? Motorsports dungeon doing all kinds of virtual stuff. He adds a little different though It's not quite the racing set-up down there the manufacturers Pacific simulators are a little different but it is funny that he's trying to say he's not some racer when that's all he was doing there for a couple of years and it's pretty comical. Maybe he's just sick of it. Possibly I mean I would Because I'm sure they had him running thing who knows how many hours they had him on that thing until his eyes wouldn't work anymore. Probably right kind of like Apollo thirteen trying to make that that air saying out of duct tape and and stuff who knows that could have contributed to how he won this race. Though was the fact that you put in so many hours Szemberg. Maybe he's The tweeted right afterwards. I'm legitimately confused how this happened. Yeah and so I don't know I think I won my truck series race at Talladega before we did last week's show. Maybe not but if I didn't I two wins this week. When it truck series at Talladega won the xfinity cars at Talladega and both of them were by a combined. Total of point zero three four seconds. Wow I led one lap in each race which was the last lap but it was pretty wild and are you trying to be like Alex Bowman because during his telecom his dog was going nuts. Yeah I don't know what's going on out there. The dogs get a little weird when people just copying the the big time NASCAR drivers. Hey it's paying off to you know. Hey So jeff Gordon was in this race. There were two twenty four cars on the track. I got a text from my mom. Why are there twenty fours on track? Jeff Gordon was in the race. He went for a wild airborne. Ride had to use one of his resets later got wrecked by chase Elliott and bringing out the caution but I I love the first one. He was stuck in the catch fence. Yeah so that really kind of ruined things for him. I think he went a lap down during all that or maybe two apps down because of having to get back to the pit lane for his reset. I'm just trying to visual that in real life. How would you get a car down from there? Well that's the Nice thing you can just hit the hit the button and it sends you to pit road but you still have to wait for towing time as if they really toil around. But GOTCHA. Yeah so that's A. That's not what I don't think Jeff Gordon was hoping for that in his return but it was cool to see how excited and genuinely passionate. He sounded during the broadcast of it. He seemed like he was actually having a pretty good time. Very focused to yeah. He was he was. It was just cool to see him out there even if it wasn't a good finish Any dip in the catch fence and wrecked again later. Still get to see him. Jimmy Johnson went for a wild ride off those of Brad. Kozlowski there in the Infield Clint Boyer blew up again. Yeah he's just. How do you blow up virtual engine? Well the thing is he was just talking about it to think either. On the telecast or on a stream or something he was talking about having to watch. Your gauges enables up immediately. So what the heck you just tell people to watch your gauges and I don't know how how he did that but it was funny del. Genius Twitch stream going and he was like well this Clinton warriors had a really hard time in this thing. And but here's leading. He blew. It is of course a huge wreck with three laps ago included Joey Logano Ryan. Blaney went for a wild ride. Joey Ace Eric Jones and others. Wow Wow wow indeed enjoy gates had a pretty good round going on this thing in the Bobby Allison tributes came. He had run. So that's a real bummer. For him as well as other guys as well and Denny Hamlin finished last not because of a ability or any other issues but because his daughter turned off his monitors. Yeah well I guess. She turned out the center. One he still have the two side ones but it didn't really help. You can't see what's going on well and it turned out. I guess. He got penalized on pit road for going backwards or something lead to the need to find a way to get penalized on pit road right. Of course yeah any other place. So we've had cats dogs kids all kinds of issues with this yeah and It was funny footage of this one happening which was great definitely. Yeah it's like they record everything so we got some breaking news. We gotTA STOP. What we're doing here. We've got some breaking news and it's the news that everybody in Nascar fandom has been waiting for. I guess they're getting back to actual racing on the race track. And Toby's got more on that. Yeah so there's been reports out there from Matt Weaver Autoweek and a few other places. And I've actually received some information from an undisclosed source as well About possible schedules That should be announced. Pretty quickly And it's a pretty packed schedule. So for May nineteenth to May twenty seventh. You're going to have one two three four five six seven races total between four different series the cup series expanding series truck series and Arca series. If this ends up being correct you'd have the extended series getting things kicked back off on May nineteenth at Darlington. Well wait a minute. Don't we have May Seventeenth well. That's what we were talking about before but this is kind of the note. I have here so I don't know I don't see no right there on top. It says will return to racing Sunday. May Seventeenth Darlington. Oh Yeah there. It is okay. So Sunday may seventeenth. So then you'd have one two three five six seven eight races between the seventeenth twenty seven so eight races and ten days. Starting With Cup Darlington. Xfinity at Darlington. A Cockpit Darlington again on the twentieth. And you'd go to Arca at Charlotte on the Twenty Third Cup at Charlotte on the twenty four th Xfinity at Charlotte on the twenty fifth trucks at Charlotte on the twenty six and then another cup series race at Charlotte which would be six hundred on the twenty seven. So why do we have to Darlington? Yes a two at Darlington in the other interesting note here is this is anticipated to be both Oval Races at Charlotte as well When you're usually only having six hundred and the Robo now Darlington Charlotte. We'll be adding an extra race this season at the expense of another race. Somewhere else you start looking at the schedule and you think that you'd probably lose walk. Ins Lynn with it being in New York. There've been hit really hard by this thing And probably going to be out of makes as well not good. I like road courses. I know so the other rumor. That's been kind of throwing people throwing around is that they'd be replacing. Something's road course races later in the season with more rove races at Charlotte But we'll see I'm not sure it's all kind of a moving target as we go But this is the latest we have. Of course things will probably announce after we record this so this looks pretty his odds. Oh Yeah to get the latest on this. They'll go to the foul out. Dot Com or Toby Christie dot com. We'll probably have more upstate stuff by the time. You're listening to this but Yeah this this does look pretty solid from from the person who disclosed this to me to official industry note to the teams from from NASCAR. So it looks pretty official. Yeah this is I mean. This is If you're a racing fan yeah. The erasing has been fun and good and all but you kind of want to see him back at the race track and it. It looks like Based on the paragraph below that they are going to do this responsibly. As well you know they're eager to see cars and trucks back on the track. We also recognize substantial responsibility. That comes with returning to competition. Nascar will return in an environment that will ensure the safety.

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