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Or Canada for that matter you can call and in one's calling in from St Louis first hi how are you were you so nice to meet you and talk to you you know I've been listening for quite awhile you know with your show and it's a beautifully zero yeah that really do war you know what you're talking about I adore the people that call in or whatever you know I was in radio for over many years cool and so I'm not a not a newcomer to this at all but when you do good broadcasting in you give people you know a good the input and output it's it's beautiful but I'm gonna talk about the cardinals all right let's talk some colonels toggles going away tomorrow or the series or both I think the are going to take both the series so you're pretty confident going into the day game tomorrow after you know Adil email right was that right today so you know you got a look at your arms you go look at your picture and you got a look at you know I played baseball at CFDA go state I'm very proud five Sandiego state yeah now I would put a plug in for say the eight but you know in you your arm you know I think Adams or might be a little bit weak on certain aspects but I think it's going to be stronger yeah it seems like you had a lot of control in up until the very end the game I mean they left a man one man a little bit longer than they needed to but he still actually but you know what he they still got out without giving up a run that a name which was important even with the bases loaded and they want to try that but me he look at all the way through yet awesome control he knew where he was throwing this thing he's even thrown in all ninety so Bob ninety and when he needed to so I thought he looked really good I I I I I got a degree with you bride I I just thought he was in control you know you know all those pictures were like you know inside outside down down you know you got to put those pitches just where you want to put them and it's not easy to do it's that easy yeah you said you were in radio what kind of radio did you do thank you so I was I did the quiet storm here in Saint Louis one storm I did the quite soon is kind of a role may add to yellow love kind of thing here in and in Saint Louis and the euro was why you know I would come on in and read love letters and talk about situations.

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