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Ring injury well you know if you if you if you're getting close the playoff search a final chance you run the risk of aggravating an that's not such a big deal but when you're talking about an internal oregon and you don't wanna caused bleeding again because you'd disrupt something too soon it's a whole different ball axelle i wasn't surprised by the move hunter henry tweeting out that he was disappointed that he young couldn't get out there and he'll up for the fans but very positive and looking ahead to next year that means them a gates lucky to start the sunday matthew on yesterday's finish show i joined you talk about antonio guitar they both of you as a potential tight end to this week now we both do jets of give it up eight touchdowns to opposing titans that is i think tied for third boast in the nfl it's up there certainly topfive so the struggle against the position i know that on the year philip rivers targets titans in the red zone uh i believe thirdmost in the nfl as well they have to i think he has 22 targets pm two titans some during that numbers off the top of my head so if i'm off by one or two in a calm down abut the but the fact matter is is like i don't think i don't think that's a shock to anyone when i say like hey when phil gets and clothes he tends to like to look for his tight in it all those years within tornado gates hunter henry's come on lately so in a good match up uh against the jets who have given of a lotta touchdowns proposing tight ends yeah i think i think antonio gates is a very viable tight end to streamer this week love to see him get a couple of late season touchdown he certainly has been brilliant than he is bound for canton and the pro football fame one day last piece in his your fine is on saturday the colts and the ravens play at 430 jerry macklin left week fifteen with a knee injury was the early update on him the early up.

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