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This is mornings with Gail. Fueled by Great Western petroleum only thirteen ten KFI seven zero seven now. Thirteen ten KFI thirteen ten. Kfi Am dot com warning so gail field by Great Western Petroleum King. Supers is extending. Its free cove nine hundred through testing through the end of May offering additional through testing sites at the campus cu boulder and the University of Northern Colorado working from a press release Courtesy of King Super this morning through continued partnership with the Colorado Emergency Operation Center. King super is extending once again. It's Free Cova. Nineteen drive-thru testing through the end of May King Super Health and wellness professionals have administered. Already over two thousand three tests date and anticipate and administering fourteen thousand tests by the end of. May All right. So here's all the details of what you need to know This will run this extension of their free. Covert nineteen through testing Running may eleventh through May Thirtieth. The dates and times vary by location. If you're interested in taking advantage of this free covert nineteen test. Just hop online visit Kroger health dot com forward slash Cova testing. That's kroger health dot com forward slash covert testing for details Locations include the campus Fifth Street. Parking garage this is thirteen. Fifty one fifth street in Denver. Cu Boulder this see us space sciences building thirty six sixty five discovery drive in boulder and the University of Northern Colorado Twenty nine thousand eight Fourteenth Avenue in Greeley again. You can register at Kroger Health Dot com forward slash code testing. Now here are the particulars people needing a test according to this press release from King Super Use a virtual screening tool on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Guidelines To See if they are eligible. Those who are eligible for the testing.

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