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And the triangle one zero six one FM talk. Johnson Eric with you in our Nissan courtside seats heels trail by as many as nine in the first half down my three of the break came out of the second half the locker room strong by as many as ten in the second half up five one twenty four to go one one for Cameron Johnson. Joe's. This has been where the difference has been made Carolina shooting thirty nine percent from the field for the game. They're shooting thirty one percent from behind the arc big huge shooting. Forty nine percent and forty four from behind the arc and Cam Johnson misses the free throw so Syracuse to cut it to a one possession game with the bucket. One sixteen. Battle on the right? Can't get it to go. The rebound tipped up by both teams outbound. Stick carolina. Now, it is one ten to go. The officials can go to the monitors. I was sealed it out side. Can't give you a good opinion on if the call was correct or not. The officials will go to the monitor's eighty five eighty one tend to go that miss Cameron Johnson. His I miss at the line tonight. He made his first six and just the third miss for the tar heels this evening. They are now twenty eight of thirty one. That was the ninth foul on Syracuse moment ago. So it'll be a two-shot foul the rest of the way should that occur. Get our first look on the rebound here. And it does appear to be. Well, it's hard to tell. I thought battle touched it last. Appears to come off a battles fingertip fingertips. Toby white took a big spill underneath fighting for the ball. One ten to go eighty five eighty Carolina. Trying to hold on for a big home win talked to coach Williams about this on the radio show last night. He said really wish that. Keep it with the tar heels really wish the officials could have time with it there for what they do go into the monitor. But as it stands one to heels at the ball eighty five eighty four pressure. Johnson the inbound white Williams Johnson little balanced goes the little he is hidden face by. Foulon set his second tenth on Syracuse and little got hit right in the eye. And he is down. Doc Halverson tar heel trainer making his way over there. One oh nine to go little is still down on the ground. William stops to hear something from Jamie lucky now if I'm not mistaken. If little can't shoot the free throws. If there is no blood present. Syracuse chooses to shoot. That is correct. Little is up. Blinken pretty heavily with the right offs. Syracuse. Oh pick. Yes. Here. Koos gets to pick. The shooter little is going to go to the bench. But it's from they pick. Brandon robinson. So robinson. Robertson. Kenny williams. To pick from who's India? Two shots for Williams. To go. Pretty good personal choose from seventy nine percent Williams's to to tonight makes that one. That was the.

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