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I mean like i it sucks because it should be less. It should be less money like just like people should be eating without every so often so she'll be like oh. This is like a cheaper option. If you don't wanna have beef or something here you go but when it starts. I guess it's going to have this high price but i i think there's also a demand for it right now kind of a premium price but keep on my my my thought when i ate all of this food was that it with almost everything i still. I didn't know if there's going to be the case because when we ate the mommy burger with the impossible berg was hard for me to tell them if that was like a plant based burger by the way the impossible bird islands now if you have an islands near you and it's fucking great but with all these items i could tell that they were like non meat. Yeah that's true but the one that was the closest eight layer burrito to meet us because there's so much going on <hes> but with everything else i just tasted the i could tell that it was which which which is someone who i want to not no i i want to be tricked tricked into it and i think the only one is probably the eight layer if that was at a party and i had like a couple of drinks or something like that i wouldn't be able to write. There's some party when you're having drinks and they trail burritos their nash bells around with that allyson party to me like one of the few parties i went you. It was the herpetology taller in france but like someone made this awesome move of getting taco bell tacos halfway through and it was one of the best as party yeah you'll be the g._o._p. The star of that it is incredible. I remember harris harris wittelsbach a bunch of mcdonald's after a show one night and it was gr- mcnuggets and burgers nick were you there. I wasn't there now. I took off. I went straight home. Put my minions. P._j.'s a lot of new york restaurants all right p. harris. Yes a lot of <hes> no i. I know just strange all right. Sorry i mean we know whatever my you know. My dad would have to say like all right the my dad sorry. I won't say it anymore. No no you should stay at sometimes saw kevin harry p mitch's dad. She's don't don't talk to him at all. Okay all right p. This podcast new york restaurants will have like all vegan options but they won't advertise advertise it. What i think is really only see that like online or they'll put very small on the bottom right hand part of the menu. None of this is actual meat. How do you feel about that. I i like that. I think that's a cool sneaky thing. I think some people are annoyed because they're getting swept tricked into eating it. All i can think there's my dad getting summoned from cloud and heaven looking down and being like what what the fuck is this podcast slender man tentacle uh-huh bullshit. My son's doing so yeah. I've i've like. I don't know if i've encountered that specifically where i felt like i was being tricks ex but there are play. There's this place mondays good burger on on turn..

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