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Pornography Is this part of? Us the force Perhaps No but I can give you a clue for a few points right for a cost of three. Points think of Steve. Jobs Mark, Zuckerberg Diane Keaton Zuckerberg and Diane Keaton. Together they have something lewke in, common Luke Does it have something to do with their? Attractiveness I don't know You think Mark something to do with their ability to? Do technical things Each of those three people has a Luke They handle Luke well for me to say Graphic. Is a loop kind of like a. Look so Luke is style for old people Old man's Zuckerberg Luke is a specific person's easily recognizable and highly. Consistent fashion style so Steve Jobs with the black mock turtlenecks plenty Mark Zuckerberg. With. The hoodies exactly Diane Keaton at any point in the nineteen seventies Six points. For. That somehow she got rid of the man's tie Yeah. That was such a consistent look that's true Murray totes jelly DOT, ES new word j. e. l. l. y.. Well the first. Part, means totally totes jumped off tell. Me jealous It, comes from, totally, and jealous, but it really means very envious in a playful, way but it's like tell it's jelly of. Steve Jobs nuke Francine I remember when my daughter was seeing, totes it was about two and a half years, ago Yeah, how did. You make her stop after I asked her, to translate icy she gave her an ugly Luke Ma'am toes. Yes okay here's your phrase Francine BT dubs spelled b e new word, t. e. new word d., UBS Does he have anything to do with beyond say Undoubtedly So does it have anything to do with an exclamation of? Approval Not really An exclamation. Of contempt I'm thinking of one And, it's not from oh no it's. BT, dubs but thank you for volunteering foam oh it's not. By, the way in, a very strange way. Oh by the way This bell is for Walter not. For, second place berry Nancy Shibo s. h. e. l. e. that is a portmanteau certainly has it's cheap and people who follow the, masses and they're just, people Yes it is it is those, who exhibit excessive passivity and a herd mentality. And actually. Dad might have heard this word because it dates back to the nineteen forties though it's only recently come into common, use all right Barry Anything can happen here ship s. h. as in I spent the, whole book shipping Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy s.. H. i.. P. So is ship an acronym Is it? Something invented by Macedonian teenagers Yes sure FedEx thing. Shipping but I spent the? Whole. Book would you like another example yes give a nother example fiddle DD? Why does everybody ship Ashley and Melanie but me Okay see? Them together Think that. It works makes sense see them see. Them. As a couple Wow What is the derivation of. Shit How do you smell that It is to desire specific individuals to enter into, a relationship romantic or otherwise often set of characters. In an ongoing fictional work and, if there are two individuals you can't bear to imagine with anyone other than each other than. To you? There the OTP what's that One. True pairing Well we just have time for one bonus round question which goes to the team that is behind so Francine Twenty three points and a chance to tie the game what is Hindu p. h. u. n. d. o.. Space p Hundreds hundreds one. Hundred hundred Disney is the hundred a dollar Walters guessing it's a dollar It's, one hundred. People it's not one hundred people it's, one hundred something. It's one hundred popes How many times you have. To stop when you. Take a long car P trip from ashville tonight I know all the rest Oh a hundred percent That game ended in a tie score of one hundred. And, I am sorry Four to one hundred zero four And that's all. We have time for this week, thanks so, much to, Kristen oaks, Morgan Howell Stephanie whites.

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