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Like miles you can be the liaison for the liberty and own for the aces. Tie game who takes your last shot? That's a great question. Stewart. So that was quick. Chelsea. Well, here's the thing. I think it's interesting, right? Because the ace is more complicated. I think it's fairly obvious that you want do we taking the last shot if she's on the court for the obvious answer would be, okay, Asia. But the aces are constructed a little differently and Asia's game is different to stewie's game. And I think that is kind of, you know, maybe punting on the question, not a fun answer, but you'd have to, you have to be in the match up, see how it's going, see who's defending who, like, we just watched the playoffs. Chelsea gray was taking those shots for the aces. Which is not indictment of Asia. Asia was, I had one of the best playoff defensive performances I've ever seen. She was eating on the glass. She played amazing offensively from a scoring perspective, you know, in many of those games. But when it came down to the end of the game, there's no better one on one bucket getter in this league than Chelsea gray. And ultimately, it's a real luxury to have Chelsea gray on your team and also be like, oh yeah, we also have Candace and Asia in the front court. Like in case we want to, oh yeah, we also have Kelsey plum, who, by the way, can just snipe from anywhere. We also have Jackie young, who's like, you know, in assassin everywhere she goes. It's ridiculous. It breaks my brain, thinking about this matchup every day. Well, yeah, I was gonna say that I was way too fast to answer because as I'm listening to you break it down, I think that comes down to a stewy Sabrina pick and roll. And then reading the defense there. But back in 2021, sab took some of those shots, but I should take a lot of those shots too. She's someone who can generate her own her own looks at any time. JJ seals deeper than maybe anybody else in the league. So if you're looking for you just need two points, you could just clear out, you could space stewie, right? And you can clear out, get a deep two JJ. We were all there, sorry, except for Calvin. We were there in Brooklyn when Courtney van der sloot hit a game winner. She had a few game when his Australian three gaming threes last year. The heart out of the Barclays center that day, like that was made. Also miles is too nice. Benign lady legend I love her. She's not getting the last shot of this TV. I disagree. I think look back at that playoff series last year. Look back at that playoff series, especially that game three. She took some big shots in that series. And no disrespect, she's a clutch player, like she's great. I think her best offense comes off of other actions. I don't think she makes a ton of sense as the number one option. The play that I can't wait to see is John quill and stewie setting staggered screens for Sabrina. Yeah. Going in different directions. A screen on a play. You just, there's so many ways you could play off that. You could have one role one part. You know, there's so many different variations of that set that's going to be just absolutely ridiculous. More than that. I want to see Cal, I just want to see the two of them out there now with Sabrina, but with marine. I want to see that. Yes. I want to see marine with literally anyone, really. But I feel like the better way to phrase that question though based on what you guys are all saying isn't like who's taking the last shot, but who has the ball in their hands at the end? Oh, yeah. So it might not. Be the same thing. You know, when you have a Sabrina or a Chelsea gray who can, if you completely sell out on them, go find someone in all four other players on the court for both of them are going to be able to hit that shot if you sell out on anyone else. So the answer is like, who knows who's taking that last shot? But who has the ball in their hands at the end? It's definitely Chelsea gray for the aces. I think for the liberty. Yeah, I think Chelsea makes it easier for the aces to answer that question. But the real answer, though, is we won't know until Sabrina has her dream the night before opening night. And then once it goes to bed and dreams about who will hit the game winner, only then will we know? Well, I mean, opening night, they're playing the fever again. And I don't want to play the whole set the line thing, but I imagine it's going to be, I imagine I just wanted to be something ridiculous that we can't bet on. We're going to see college basketball lines in the WNBA. The highest number I don't think we had a line in the 20s last year ever. I don't think but we might. Yeah. 19 opening the highest. It feels like it feels like the liberty are always playing the fever opening night. But I think it was the last, I think it was the home opener last year, but then there was the Tierra Macau and year where she hid that put back on opening night and now we're giving them again. It was like the Barclays opener a couple of years ago. It just weird scheduling. But yeah, that's aliyah Boston's first game potentially. And now it's going to be the total opposite. I mean, good for Leah Boston. Garrett great experience playing against John quill Jones and stewie your first game in the W obviously, everyone listening should know that she is not a member of the Indiana fever yet. We're just making a broad assumption that she's going to be the number one pick. Speaking of picks, I know let's wrap up here pretty quickly. We got some college games to watch. Who do you have in your top three? And give me the order. I know that Owen and I definitely differ. On this and I love having Calvin on here because I don't think there's anybody who's watched more college basketball than in Calvin wetzel. But I'll start with my three number one Leah Boston. Two, I'm taking diamond Miller. Three, I'm going Hayley Jones. Yeah, I mean, I can't disagree with that. And I have to say, I'm way outmatched in terms of the numbers of hours of college basketball. You guys watch. Versus myself. So I'm just here to, I'm just here with the vibes report, you know? And the vibes report has Haley Jones as the number two overall. But look, I love diamond Miller. I think I'm in Miller's games incredible. I think that if Minnesota took diamond Miller, no one could critique that at all. What's that? It's a win win with either of those players. It's a real win win. And I think that diamond Miller's ceiling is astronomically high. I think something I'm watching in her progression in her growth is people are going at the next level, professional defenders are going to anticipate diamond Miller using her length to her advantage, which she does so brilliantly in college with these really long Euro steps, et cetera. And it's not to say she doesn't have moves, but I think she's going to need to add a certain extra level to her offensive game to score in tight confines. But that's just growing pains that anyone has. Personally, I'm just really high on Hailey Jones. I think that people have kind of forgotten how dominant she was in the final four when Stanford won the title. There are definitely concerns about will she be able to score it the next level, her three point shooting hasn't been very good in college. Stanford players other than the aguma kays like, can you be successful professionally? We haven't seen it from a lot of Stanford players. You know, coming from Tara's system. And ultimately, I'm like, I just trust her. She just seems like someone who is going to figure it out. She's so smart. She's such a good concert. That's a type of player I'm going to bet on every time. So I'd still take Hayley to, but taking diamond to his entirely defensible. Do y'all have a player comp right now for Haley Jones? It could be NBA too. I don't care. I'm just trying to, I mean, like the IQ is there the handle is like good enough. Obviously the outside shot maybe not there, but I'm trying to figure out who I would kind of put that player comp to, it doesn't ring a bell for me. But there's a lot of similarities, I think, two nafisa Collier in the way that she approaches the game, not defensively, not doing all the same stuff.

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