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Are totally giving giving them up we're seeing in places like cosco they got big n caps of coconut oil now they carry avocado oil they have carry gold butter so mean were getting the message out there and that's the major chains it's happened since i started this and twenty o four is there anything that you cheese year mind on the early you've learned that you thought was kinda hard hard rule in the beginning that you've switched or softened softenup several thanks the net carbs thing when i first started i bought into net carts because it sounded so great oh you could subtract the fiber in subtract the sugar alcohols and they have zero affect on your blood sugar yeah right so i eventually had to come to a come to jesus moment that said hey look dummy um it may not impact it as quickly but it's still impacts it so you have to count those carbs in those things accounting total carbs truly is the only way to be until actually honest about what your tolerance level is and so if you're counting the net carbs in your getting forty net carbs but it's actually seventy grams a carbs and you're wondering oh my gosh why am i not seeing success will guess what you're counting to a net carbs you got a change it over to total carbs and then you know okay forty grams boom that's my level uh or or in this case you know fifteen twenty grammes probably my level so i think that was a big shift for me and other shift like i said when i first started i didn't really have a lot of guidance on what foods to eat so's eating grocery store food and thanks to the paleo community in about twenty tan i read marxists unspoken and befriended him uh the primal blueprint and then rob wolf with paleo solution and some of the other influencers in the palio community really put real food on my radar screen because i had never thought about eating quality beats and organic vegetables an and fermented foods.

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