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Well, right after Mike francesa and Mike von as the bombers host the Detroit Tigers in the middle game or their three-game series. This is John sterling gametime six thirty five with Yankees pre game at five fifty five here on our flagship station for the Bronx bombers fan sports radio one zero one nine FM and sports radio sixty six WFAN WFAN FM, New York. All right. So let's take it a little bit of a turn at one twenty five. I know the guys on the morning show. We're trying to get in touch with oil Cam Boyd and. And he just called back. And we we double checked I asked NS a couple of questions just to kind of make sure it's him. So we believe this. But you know, there's obviously been the big controversy around Ron Darling's book in which he says that Lenny Dykstra prior to game three of the one thousand nine hundred eighty six World Series in Boston that oil can was pitching that Dykstra. As oil can was warming up and getting ready to go and Lenny's in the on deck circle was yelling, some racial epithets at oil, can and that it rattled him. And as a result gave up a home run to Dykstra to start the game. Now lay as we know he disputes that this happened. Okay. So here's one of the excerpts that Ron darling writes in the book, he said, quote, I don't want to be too specific here. But I will say that it was the worst collection of taunts and insults ever heard worse. I'm betting than anything. Jackie Robinson may have heard his first couple of times around the league. So the guys in the morning show. We're obviously trying to get in touch with oil can to get his response to it. And he called back. Just now I hope the guys in the morning don't mind that we're putting them on oil. Can it is it is Chris Maggie and Bart Scott here in New York? Appreciate a couple of minutes. How you doing? Good just more. How you guys doing? We're doing great. I'm in providence right now. Oil kid. I guess when did you first get wind that this? That this controversy was brewing. By twenty four hours about you know, from what I understand it must have came out before. Because when people started calling me about it. They had already heard about it. So, you know, I'm not adding that person like that. And you know, my household, you know, normally my wife my daughter keeps me up on what's going on. Concerned to me. And you know, we we have in house being this. So I am Facebook and things like that. But I don't participate in the end of that like that. So it came as a shock to me that you know, they talk about me down in New York. What what they're talking about. You know, I I can't imagine that it has something to do with the World Series. But I didn't know the add anything to do with any kind of negative response. Like like what's going on right now? No, no. I did not. Okay. So can you clear this up for us? Did Lenny Dykstra taunt you before game three of the World Series? Honestly, I don't know anything about it. I I would be with my spouse in the last couple of days. So I mean, the last twenty four hours or so about it just briefly and everything and I said, well, you know, I said to obey. I don't even know your no I'm warming up for a ball game. And I'm glad I try to get the New York Mets out one at a time. It that's all that's on my mind, and the kind of Justice may toy me come from the dugout. I didn't see anything like that. I looking for anything like that. So now, this is this is all new to me. I am a Davis to make it to be what he heard I kind of disturbed about it allows. Okay. I've heard about it because I have been around I'll play ball with linear Japan. And it didn't seem to come out that type of person and had even made home at one time in Mississippi. And and that's where I grew up back. So I kind of you know, the person that I saw I like bourbon that I've talked to I liked so I'm quite disturbed about it. But I guess, you know. What you see on the surface is not really what I am. I saying to be so. Route on me because I didn't know it was born on. I love slide out over the plate. Stone little man. Pocket. And you know, we don't have what we had today with the technology of the game to really say plan, you opposing team and know the FOX in a game that you know, there bothered positives in the game. And what they're good at what they're not so good at we didn't have that kind of being going on like that back then that much. So I really didn't know anything about him. I never faced him never played against them. Didn't know who he was. I found out within two pitches. I found out he was a strong little man, you know, to try to make some positive out of something negative. I I'm really I'm really dumbfounded. It will hear that. That that took place, but also to hear that took place with other people here in this is Ron Paul because he wasn't on hurt. Somebody's pop up under the table. Because here it is. I'm I'm hearing about it thirty years later, and you know, yes, I'm the third about it. A more heard about it. But it tells me. The thing that I found anything that I went through and the game they were really nature place because you know, it's it's easy to deny. I didn't say I didn't go not that type of person all of those days. Like, you know, it's like. Being the not what they seem to be. And like I said, I really don't know how to take it. I don't think dollars China say no book, I came. I would have thirty years later myself. Coming out of the major league side. I think that you know, I don't think that's that's what he's doing. He was basically just like I did in my book talking about life and talk about your experience within the game of baseball. This is one thing that evidently was on his mind for a lotta years. And he wanted to get it off his mind. What I say AT procrastinated years for the reason that he didn't walk, you know, negative thing on like this with the Mets baseball team just baseball in general. I'll be honest. I used to work at the network that Ron Ron does. And I've heard him tell the story before this is not something that just came up for his book. Just if you can we're talking oil can't Boyd if you can take us back, and I know it might be hard to remember. I don't know if I could ever remember it. But do you remember what the whole atmosphere was like as you are warming up for game three? And if you could even hear anything at that point because I'm sure it was nuts in Boston. Well, believe it or not believe it or not I had a I talk about it in my book. I had another distraction. If kinda personal. Not so much drug related. What people would think it is anything like that. It ain't nothing like that whatsoever. Personal. With my family and that that that day. Other ballgame I had the output, and my mom came a dad.

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