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They just kick your ass on first and second down, and you don't have to worry about third. Nathan Peterman is probably pretty good. 'cause he would throw an interception on second doubt. True. Never gets third down. Yeah. Team never gets third-down sabermetrics. My other stat Patrick Mahomes was the first quarterback ever traffic from the big twelve to win a playoff game. I love that set. That's so I wish I I wish I'd known that stat before he wanted. So that we could run with that narrative. Yes. So now, it's a little bit. It's a little wonky because it's not counting for like the big eight which became the big twelve Kordell Stewart play Colorado. And like, you know what I mean? So with conference relying on southwestern conference. Yeah, there's all we are shitting Troy Aikman played it Oklahoma, then played at UCLA. So not none of that stuff. But there is I think it's I think it goes back to like mid nineties. And so here the guys that were drafted Vince young never yet a playoff. No Baker Mayfield. Patch homes Bryce petty Gino Smith Landry Jones. Remember him? Yeah. That was tough. He almost wanna play Ryan tannehill. Brandon Weeden Blaine gabbert Sam Bradford that's tough Colt McCoy, then it just falls off to just you know, fence young Seneca Wallace, Chris cliff Kingsbury, sage Rosenfels. So if you are someone who said, Patrick, Mahomes is going to be a bust who would ever say that. Right. What it would say? Just remember he is typically broken all the malts officially as being a good successful. Big twelve quarterbacks such an outlier. You're right. Like, you're exact it's like the patriots predicting the patriots are gonna lose. You predicted the big twelve quarterbacks. We're gonna keep stinking guess what you're wrong once. You're right. Twenty other times statistically, you were in the right to make that claim around good evidence. Yes. Rounding don't feel bad. Okay. Again. I don't know who that might have done that. But if you were now, you can back it up with some facts, here's my on Saturday. The saints had an eighteen play ninety two yard touchdown drive. That took eleven minutes and twenty nine seconds off the clock heels. Yo that is absolutely smashed the the longest scoring drive in a playoff game since the merger. Will they had every single time Tatum hill came in? He just they they had a successful play. Then got a penalty. That's act had five plays that were good plays. And that's like not as a penalty. Yeah. By the way in the patriots game. Did I see a player on? The patriots intentionally commit a false start said they could get a new game. Or so that they could have the clock run. There was something weird that happened. There is some monkey business that that only bell. Check knows about something like that. Yeah. Member he did that with what he he had an extra like twelve guys on the field manipulate. Yeah. Well, I guess be mad about that. That's just like it makes me basically Harbaugh. I get a little staff now. Rams brady. Now has more playoff wins than painting has playoff starts. Okay. For that. Remember that fun to beat a few years ago? Yeah. No, I don't we don't really debate on the show. So you must be confusing. Speed very agreeable at all times. Thank you. Yeah. Okay. No-one jewish. Fine. Print part of my take we agree on everything. How many Super Bowl losses does Peyton Manning half just one right? Just the one. Yeah. How many you have to know is one. Oh, yeah. He has to know. Yes. To see hawks. Yes. I forgot about that. So we'll be played it in New York. And it was it was over when it started yet safety. I play though, that's right that was proper. So the how many breath? Yeah. Let's you spend time Cowboys it Rams. Jared Goff has wheels. That's what I wrote down notes. Yes. Super does watch C J Anderson new thick son CJ, and like the blue blue uniform is now he's my new thick son sons, Mike sellers, you were know about him while Walla Oland is scary. I was throwing out old Denver running. Oh, that's a that's a really fun gameplay that it's like the Atlanta Braves might nine. Okay mic. Harrison, I'll go. Terrell davis. Obviously. Yup. Was Florida's will scary the five seven guy..

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