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While at playas but yet so surfing number two surfing and manuel antonio. I've love athletics adventure and water. So it's no surprise. Surfing started speaking to me back in two thousand sixteen. If you didn't know my first adventure was surfing in california. I ended up breaking my foot crazy. I know originally planned to serve ghost. Recon two thousand sixteen with my foot healing. When i came for our treat that did not happen. I knew wanted to transform cryer experience with surfing i prayed and practically took steps to make the vision a reality. The reality blew my prior experience. Any expectations away. In a great way. I ended up getting on five solid waves during my costa rica adventure surfing. You're curious. I definitely encourage you to go back to that blog and shell and i also included some videos behind the scenes and pictures in this block with the link in the show notes number three manuel antonio national park. The park is a must while in manuel antonio. Although park is small compared to other national parks in costa rica it is huge in views. Wildlife and beaches. I loved the park so much. I ended up going twice. It is easy to spend a half to a full day here and you can also go back to the blog and show on my full piece on manuel antonio to learn more and also include a behind the scenes video in this one and images number four. Be us in and around while tonio meet sure you. Increasing the view of the coast from various spots in anatolia. Great spots review views include within the park or meet other winston de which is one of the pass packs in the park. The restaurant and emilio's cafe which are talk about more a bit number five manuel antonio beach hands down one of the most beautiful and breathtaking beaches in the world. It is located in manuel antonio national park itself. The beaches incredible with soft emir white-sand shivering and sparkling warm water and abundant wildlife at every turn including watching monkeys trying to snatch things like food from locals and touris- literally off the beach. I ended up going to the beach twice for great reason as you can see on the images and videos. The her steamy went for about two hours to the beach itself and the park about five. In the second time. I went for about four hours to the beach and about seven or eight hours after park. It manuel antonio. Beach is my favorite beach. In near manuel. Antonio i love the small intimate size and shape of the beach as well number six and study. Sr another beach. That is amazing. As s bhatia swore. it is adjacent espa dea. Which is where. I went surfing but is located in his private within the park adding to its privacy. An appeal is definitely larger than manuel antonio beach. I visited s padeas sewer on my first visit to the park and spent maybe an hour between the water and working out on the beach itself number seven. We're speculating at sunset. An incredible weight experience. Costa rican beach is by horseback riding at sunset. I ended up experiencing this at blam at the palo about twenty to thirty minutes or so away from and while antonio and have a blog and a show and included some videos the scenes on this block as well number eight playa multiple whether it's black sand bluewater and privacy are with its black sand bluewater privacy. This is definitely a beach you want to visit. I went to play him. Not the below both for half a day and for the course back at out two different days number nine now. Yucca waterfalls within about thirty minutes from my stay or an hour. From the manuel antonio area are the nyaka waterfalls. If you love chasing waterfalls yucca to your list is a must. I ended up doing at the twelve or hike round trip when i visited the waterfalls and that was the same day you guys. I went to do horseback riding at sunset and also included photos images behind the scenes and have a blog and show dedicated to the waterfalls number ten foodi favorites in and near manuel antonio costa rica. I love costa rican food and trying new places. Some of my favorites include baldy -freshing s buddy. A beach emilio's cafe and young and i've included some images and things that i had there like the beach day smoothie at bobby us or the juice and could be in severe chair at emilio's or simply coffee and views and fresh juice at lvn. Top ten manuel antonio. Costa rica has limitless options for beach beaches. Nature adventure lovers and foodies. You'll love the beach in nature that surround what activity interest you to do the most top ten things to do and minimal antonio costa rica. You're traveling soon. You'll love my creating content when you travel it's linked in the blog and if you wanna learn more to create a life and business you love definitely check out my seventy five plus tools to create a life and business you love with resources tools and more and if you want to get involved in our travel project that at the bottom of the blog in the notes as well as at fit life krisha dot com backs Backslash retreats including how you can get involved in our upcoming retreats in costa rica. So if you leave a review on the show shot you out. If you screenshot tag on reshare indefinite share in highlights are send it to us via dems as well and as always guys remember create transform and inspire because you are born to all the tabs on stay money marketing business travelers to create a life and already head on over to the blog the podcast and the threes to jump. Start your transformation. You're ready to dive into the online courses. 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