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Welcome back family pack. It's always been fascinating to me to see how the world of entertainment has evolved over the years. So let's take a walk down. Memory Lane and reminisce on some of the juiciest and most monumental on this day vents from this week in pop culture history starting with fifty years ago. A half of a century. Paul McCartney officially announced this split of the Beatles to think of the impact of the Beatles how much they've given us as listeners. It's so sad that they couldn't make it work but like many bands personalities get in the way but the positive is that we've gotten amazing solo music over the years from Paul McCartney George Harrison some I honestly I think Joe George Harrison might be my favorite solo artist of the Beatles. Of course John Lennon. Oh and there's Ringo. He didn't really contribute much. And if you disagree I don't WanNa hear it. It's my it's my opinion in the words of Tamra judge. Oh in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight. The movie soundtrack for Greece was released. I love Greece so much. Obsessed with the movie grease. If you haven't heard my interview with Eddie from Greece yes. The original movie grease. He was the NERD. He honestly gave me one of my favorite interviews. I've done my entire life and you need to go back and listen to that episode. It's called Greece's the word. Highly recommended will the soundtrack was released in seventy eight and I thought it was important to note. If you're like me and are obsessed with the movie grease. You'd be very surprised if you went back and watched the musical as so many things are different. But the biggest thing about the movie soundtrack that you wouldn't have heard if you're a fan of the musical is hopelessly devoted to you. That's the song with Sandy. When she's at the sleepover and she gets upset after the look at me. I'm Sandra Dee Song. So she goes outside to take a breather their clearer head. She's the little kiddie pool. And she's singing and see John Travolta's face appear in the kiddy pool and she washes it away with tissue so good. I was shook when I found out that that song wasn't in the original musical moving on to nine thousand nine hundred. Ninety one. A very underrated band had their only CD released. It's the Band Temple of the dog with the self titled. The vocalist is my favorite singer of all time. Chris Cornell from soundgarden fame he actually created temple of the dog is a tribute to Andrew. Would his late friend. Who was the lead singer of malfunction and mother love Bone Temple of the dog also consisted of Stone Gossard? Jeff amant and both of those guys were in mother love bone with Andrew Wood and later became members of Pearl Jam. Mike McCready was in temple of the dog. He ended up becoming a member of Pearl Jam and Matt Cameron was also a part of temple of the dog. He ended up becoming a member of soundgarden and then later Pearl Jam Drummer. Amazing Grammar Mad. Eddie vedder if you know is the lead singer of Pearl Jam. He was a guest vocalist on the temple of the dog album. He provided some lead vocals a lot of backing vocals. And just the sound of Chris. Eddie's voices together was so good say hello to heaven. I mean I cry every time I hear this song since Chris Cornell is passed I just I really. Struggle reach. Down was another single on this album. Hunger strike.

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