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Tied for sixth in scoring with eighty six points pressure by the devils hall knocked loose score puck is lose only the bacteria drives off of basil leschi boat he sure brad had chances with a shot hit a man in front and now it snapped up ahead jt miller cookie get a step on slows down shots hey by the puck to the corner so when there's a breakdown kincaid is there the devils come away with it man ever means one nothing here's outside the blue light shift is over he rolls it in devil's just keep playing four lines rolling them out there here's a dump in that leads to an icing call by the lightning thirteen seventeen to go in the second a face off in damp as n woah taylor hall is flying as you see it mad he goes on the floor check and he gets the puck behind it out debris shovel it overtake he share but the puck was in so tight they couldn't get it up and over the pads leschi but when hall is four decca you've seen he does something a lot of skaters don't he throws that sticky pushes it out as far as you get it it's kind of intimidating to the guy the defender with the puck and it pays dividends that he's coming at them so fast devils win the draw mueller for pusher slapshot that's off the glove of as a ski to the corner picked up by kunitz clears at the center ice but the devils gain control once more grabner redirects into the here's mcdonagh former ranger for adam ernie the connecticut kid and he isis the puck ernie from new haven connecticut little something about new hey i broke career at first pro season was with your new haven nighthawks and connecticut just a great state who were some of the guys on that team oil can harry who else a william you don't really really there and who else do we have gary howard one cups and bobby nystrom one four couple of big names their oil ten harry got to ask you about that nickname mueller with a shot off the drop box like mueller gets it back those cross ice for butcher risk download laid behind the net by boyle protects on the back kennedy moves up side now to put your with a shot that's blocked away he'll race back after ernie lifts is thick with butcher spins off that try.

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