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Now for Westchester after a bomb threat at the Walgreens and Union Center and state route 7 47 this afternoon. No explosive was found by police in West Chester to pipe pounds found near the U. S. Capitol on January. 6th are believed to have been planted the night before. According to footage obtained by The Washington Post. A man in a gray hooded sweatshirt was seen carrying a bag near the capital. NBC News is confirming that the FBI already has this footage and is offering a $100,000 reward for any information on that man. Two bombs were found at the R RNC and DNC office buildings near the capital, which investigators believe was done to draw law enforcement away from the building. FBI says he explosive devices were to fully working metal bombs with kitchen timers. Latest coronavirus cases for Ohio out this afternoon nearly 4900 with 64 new deaths in the past 24 hours. Both numbers are below the three week average. So that's encouraging news and so are hospitalizations and ICU admissions during the past 24 hours, Indiana with more than 2600 new cases in the past day, and 46 new deaths, reported Kentucky's numbers, they're gonna be coming out any minute now. CDC urging us to hold off on all travel now that the more transmissible South African variant has been discovered in this country in Canada. They're stopping some international travel Canadian airline West yet announcing it is temporarily suspending all flights to Mexico and the Caribbean at the request of the Canadian government. WestJet saying the government asked in the airline agreed beginning Sunday and lasting until it least April. 30th West yet is canceling all flights to Sunday destination. Hands in Mexico and the Caribbean. In response to New Cove, it variants Canada is implementing rules like mandatory quarantine in a hotel when somebody arrives in the country like stone ABC nears on Wall Street Near the close, the Dow is down. 621 points, NASDAQ off 266. S and P 500 is down 73 points. He was radio 700 WLW sports. Here's the Reds Update Hall of Famer and former red Ken Griffey Jr spent name senior adviser to commissioner Rob Manfred. He will consult with baseball on a number of issues with special emphasis on baseball operations and youth baseball development. College basketball Tonight. In case you meet you, I see a 5 30 on ESPN 15 30. Also right state up against Robert Morris. Tomorrow, the fifth rated Texas and Kentucky game is canceled due to a least one positive test within the Wildcats camp and HL tonight. Columbus versus Chicago, With coverage of 7 30, Fox Sports 13 60. Will Denison 700 WLW SPORTS Your Times. 407 Next news 4 30 Matt Reese News radio 700 wlw. Find unspeakable piece When I come to these grounds, Catholic cemeteries are sacred ground there times that we come here and we just want peace..

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