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Your friends or family to receive your mail again. It's truly a beautiful thing. I do encounter a lot of vegetarians in China. That's struggle with even when they get the language component, right, folks. Still having like a meat sauce or having like some sort of component. That's in there. And they're like, but there isn't any meat. Did you face any of those challenges when you absolutely absolutely how did you get it going? I haven't. Well, it still happens occasionally, they it is funny. How culturally they don't regard the little pieces of meat as neat. So you'll encounter that from time to time. I guess they must have regarded as a flavor or garnish some in some way. But the way the way I get around the way we got around it from the beginning because I had a few vegetarian friends stuff. They they would teach me to say something like E D N row yet Blau EDNA Indian real yet. Leo, so even even a little bit even a little bit. Oh and never. Yeah. The the that seemed to help right, but yeah. 'cause it's annoying. If somebody doesn't wanna eat the dish thing just because it has those little bits in it. But you know, what happened is I got more familiar with what the dish is. And what the dish will look like. And what ingredients will be in there as as I spent more years in China. I know what safe to order an I can avoid that. But if you're new to China are new to the restaurant, you might not know what to expect just from the name or even the picture. But I that happens to me I rarely now do you know, any place that folks come online to see like lift of common dishes that would be just naturally vegetarian not off the top of my head. But I do have a couple links in documents that have a list of ingredients and their names vegans and vegetarians, okay, if I can get. From you later because I knew I there are some listeners who are vegetarian and there's someone. Absolutely. I I've be happy to save that and try Ford it too. That'd be I'll make a little note ear. Great. Thank you. Thank you, the language from the classroom to.

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