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The breakfast on nama khmerbased more usa today with thought their largest lead of the game all the key points but they will take you here rail the carver therapy for regional went out of the gate in the second half started working one for five josh donnybrook seven blocked shots saint cell with five of those in amman eat wins all right we'll have regrows hear horn cordish 62 percent real growth admitted he said we my own writer for the ah 511 junior from the bahamas sounds nice right now sounds very nice watson a little golf here late lose some of the tours are on the islands and they've had some some tournaments in the bahamas and look like there was despite lovely there in january first free throw no good second one on way away is good and that's thirty nine thirty eight dini evans in the main line up right now right side white look knocked pants offcourt full sharon driving now evans left wing three s and bayne opens up a warm wind once again aaron collecting seeing the four very well great awareness a wide open team in on the left wing cornish now less out of the four gets a screen from a chef driving amp lockrow behind by white and might have knocked it off cornish his body going out of bounds within stays on the ball it is a black bear block after all these blocks by stony brook the white with his second block of the game fall inbounded now to your coa almost fouls by evans but now a strip quite callixte the eric callixte he will bring it on most poesies scores of made some by six great awareness that they are printed van great anticipation that the defensive have been there for aaron collects these stepping into the passing way in and taking it all the way at age sixty five steals in the game now for the black bears gallo stirred event offbalance shot no good rebounded by evans good.

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